Distinguished Faculty Awards

An SDSU Alumni Award

Each year, SDSU Alumni recognizes outstanding faculty and honors them for their contributions to teaching, research and community service. This award* was previously known as the Faculty Monty. Below are the College of Education recipients for this award:

Jim Marshall at awards ceremony
Distinguished Faculty Awards 2023 - Dr. James Marshall, EDL

Frank Harris III
Distinguished Faculty Awards 2022 - Dr. Frank Harris III, ARPE

Marjorie F. Olney
Distinguished Faculty Award 2021 - Dr. Marjorie F. Olney, ARPE

Lisa Lamb
Distinguished Faculty Awards 2019 - Dr. Lisa Lamb, STE

Nancy Frey
Distinguished Faculty Awards 2018 - Dr. Nancy Frey, EDL

Doug Fisher
Outstanding Faculty Awards 2017 - Dr. Doug Fisher, EDL

Randy Philipp
Outstanding Faculty Awards 2016 - Dr. Randolph Philipp, STE

Carol Robinson-Zanartu
Outstanding Faculty Awards 2015 - Dr. Carol Robinson-Zanartu, CSP

Department Abbreviations

  • ARPE: Department of Administration, Rehabilitation and Postsecondary Education
  • CFD: Department of Child and Family Development
  • CSP: Department of Counseling and School Psychology
  • DLE: Department of Dual Language and English Learner Education
  • EDL: Department of Educational Leadership
  • SPED: Department of Special Education
  • STE: School of Teacher Education


* This award does not come with the title of Distinguished Professor as awarded by San Diego State University to recipients of the Albert W. Johnson University Research Lecture and the Senate Distinguished Teaching Award. See SDSU Policy File (Faculty, Titles and Appointments, 5.0 Distinguished Professor).

**The Department of Educational Technology (EDTEC) is now the Learning Design & Technology program in the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts (PSFA)

*** The Department of Policy Studies in Language and Cross-Cultural Education (PLC) is now know as the Department of Dual Language and English Learner Education (DLE)