Research & Innovation

SDSU President Malcolm A. Love, who served between 1952 and 1971, once declared, “No institution of higher learning can exist and not do research. Our primary aim is teaching, but research is concomitant.” Our faculty engage in cutting-edge research that focuses on important practical issues. Our research findings enrich our teaching and allow us to provide more valuable service to our community.

In the last 5 years, COE faculty members were awarded over $110 million in contracts and grants. Over 15 funded centers and institutes are advancing research in the education fields and providing services to the San Diego community and beyond.


Rachel Haine-Schlagel

Dr. Rachel Haine-Schlagel

Associate Dean for Research
[email protected] 

Rachel coordinates activities and initiatives that support faculty and students in research and external funding, as well as applications and nominations for SDSU internal research-related awards and funding opportunities.

Dr. Jessica Suhrheinrich

Dr. Jessica Suhrheinrich

DRI Faculty Fellow
[email protected]

Jessica serves as a liaison between COE and SDSU's Division of Research and Innovation (DRI). In this role, she is available to assist faculty developing or refining a research question, identifying possible grant funding opportunities, preparing a grant proposal for submission, finding a peer group for grant writing accountability, revising an unfunded grant proposal and more.

Research Events Calendar

No College of Education research events are scheduled at this time. Watch this space for future updates to the calendar.