Undergraduate Programs

The College of Education at San Diego State University offers a wide variety of academic programs ranging from undergraduate study to advanced degrees. Depending on your status and future goals, you may need to apply to a specific undergraduate major, pre-major, or minor. It is important to learn about the different programs and find the one that is right for you.

Undergraduate Majors

Liberal Studies Major

SDSU’s Liberal Studies major was designed for future elementary and middle school teachers; however, the major can open the doors to various career pathways. Department: School of Teacher Education.

Child Development Major

The Child Development Major prepares students for a variety of professional specialties centering around children and families. Department: Child & Family Development.


Integrated Teacher Education Programs (ITEP)

ITEP Integrated Bachelor's & Teaching Credential Programs

To ease the growing K-12 shortage in California, policymakers have made it possible for teacher preparation programs to provide “Integrated Teacher Education Programs” (ITEP), a new combination 4-year, bachelor and credential option. Various bachelor's programs at SDSU will be offering an ITEP pathway.


Undergraduate Minors

Child Development Minor

The Child Development Minor is an important adjunct for students in such areas as education, psychology, recreation, social work, and sociology. Department: Child & Family Development.

Minor in Counseling and Social Change

This minor builds on the department's commitment to facilitating individual, group, and systems change in diverse social contexts. Department: Counseling and School Psychology.

Cultural Proficiency Minor

The Cultural Proficiency minor is an interdisciplinary program of study allowing students to develop a broad understanding of the components of diversity in society, which include race and ethnicity, culture, gender, sexuality, religion, language, social class, and aging and disability. 

SDSU Leadership Development Minor

The SDSU Leadership Development Minor seeks to develop emotionally intelligent, transformational leaders capable of taking themselves and others to higher levels of performance, purpose, and passion. Department: Administration, Rehabilitation, and Postsecondary Education.