Common Academic Concerns

Current Students


The College of Education has established a procedure for students who have encountered problems in the classroom. These steps are as follows:

  1. Attempt to resolve the situation directly with the faculty member involved.
  2. If the initial attempt at resolution is unsuccessful, make an appointment to see the Chair of the faculty member's department and discuss the issue with her or him.
  3. If discussing the situation with the department Chair still has not afforded satisfaction, submit a written statement of the problem to Patricia Lozada-Santone, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, in Lamden Hall, Room 346. The statement should be as complete as possible and should, at minimum, contain the faculty member's name, the course title, a description of the problem, and the student's name, red ID number, and a phone number or email address where the student can be reached. Be sure to attach copies of any pertinent materials that may support your case, such as the course syllabus, papers or assignments, handouts, and correspondence. After the Assistant Dean has reviewed the file, the student will be contacted to arrange an appointment.
Dr. Patricia Lozada-Santone

I am here to support you!

One of my primary responsibilities is to help students deal with issues that interfere with their academic progress.

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