Donor Spotlight

The SDSU College of Education is committed to preparing teachers, school administrators, counselors, community college faculty and leaders, performance improvement/ technology professionals, and community service professionals to provide the highest quality learning environments to ensure student and client success and achievement through our teaching, research, and service. 

But we don't do it alone. We do it through your generosity-- through supporters like you-- who strongly believe in San Diego State University. Thank you for your support through the years to San Diego State University. Because of your generosity, we have many success stories. Your pride in SDSU has made us who we are today! 

Let’s continue to rise through these challenges together. Know that we’re still making a difference when and where it matters most - in the lives of our students, faculty & staff, and within our community. I hope you’ll join us as we continue to grow towards a sense of shared purpose towards making positive changes.