Complete Your Aztecs Abroad Profile

Learn about the Aztecs Abroad database tool for student travelers.

What is Aztecs Abroad?

Aztecs Abroad is the SDSU study abroad tool.

How Do I Access My Profile?

What Can I Do in Aztecs Abroad?

In Aztecs Abroad you can:

  • Research programs offered at SDSU
  • Learn about important considerations and setting goals
  • Find information on funding your study abroad experience
  • Apply for a specific program

Check out the Study Abroad Getting Started guide for more information.

Do I Need to Choose a Study Abroad Trip Now?

Depending on the program you are enrolled in, you may need to consider your options as soon as possible in order to complete your study abroad requirement in time for graduation.

Browsing the possibilities in Aztecs Abroad and thinking about questions you might have will help prepare you to discuss your options with a study abroad advisor.

Next Step:

Meet with an advisor