Visiting Scholars Program

Through the SDSU J1 Exchange Visitor Program, the College of Education provides international scholars with opportunities to engage in visits aimed at advancing teaching, research and/or service endeavors. The program supports collaborative partnerships for the advancement of scholarship and social and educational change at local, national and international levels.

Applying to Be an International Visiting Scholar

The application process to be an international visiting scholar in the College of Education at SDSU is relatively straightforward for faculty and researchers who satisfy the following requirements:

Once these conditions are met, prospective international scholars may begin the following process: 

  1. Identify and contact a faculty mentor/sponsor within any of our academic departments to express interest.
  2. After the prospective visiting scholar has secured a faculty mentor/sponsor, the faculty mentor/sponsor will contact the respective Department Chair or School Director and the Director of International Affairs to request a formal letter of invitation delineating the terms of the visit (dates, activities, etc.).
  3. The invitation letter will contain information on the process for obtaining a J1 Visa, as delineated in the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program page of the SDSU Faculty Advancement website. However, once the need for a J1 Visa has been determined, it is strongly suggested the Department Chair, School Director, and/or Faculty Sponsor contact the J1 Visa representative for the College of Education, Sarah Garrity ([email protected]) in order to obtain further information on the eligibility and application process.
  4. Once minimum requirements have been met, a faculty mentor/sponsor has been identified, a formal letter of invitation and proper visa has been secured, the prospective international visiting scholar is ready to begin the journey!

Please note that all international visiting scholars are expected to arrange and fund their own accommodations and transportation. At the scholar’s request, our College immigration representative, Sarah Garrity ([email protected]), and/or the faculty mentor/sponsor might be able to offer suggestions on where to find housing. Additionally, the Office of International Programs might be able to provide further information on housing opportunities.

For questions, please contact our Director of International Affairs. We are here to assist you and, wherever you are in the world, we look forward to welcoming you to the College of Education at San Diego State University!

Spring 2020 Visiting Scholars

  Name Home Institution SDSU COE
Faculty Sponsor
María Luisa Pérez, Ph.D.
Dr. María Luisa Pérez Cañado is Full Professor at the Department of English Philology of the University of Jaén, Spain, where she is also Rector’s Delegate for European Universities and Language Policy. Her research interests are in Applied Linguistics, bilingual education, and new technologies in language teaching. Her work has appeared in over 100 scholarly journals and edited volumes and she is also author or editor of 15 books on the interface of second language acquisition and second language teaching, and editor or member of the editorial board of 18 international journals. María Luisa has given more than 140 lectures and talks in Belgium, Poland, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, England, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, China, The United States, and all over Spain. She is currently coordinating the first intercollegiate MA degree on bilingual education and CLIL in Spain, as well as European, national, and regional projects on attention to diversity in CLIL. She has also been granted the Ben Massey Award for the quality of her scholarly contributions regarding issues that make a difference in higher education.
University of Jaén, Spain School of Teacher Education and Department Dual Language & English Learner Education Cristian Aquino-Sterling, Ph.D., School of Teacher Education
Macarena Navarro Pablo

Macarena Navarro Pablo is a teacher trainer (L1 and L2) in the Infant and Primary School Teacher's degrees at the University of Seville at the Language Education Department. Her studies include reflection on methods for teaching language skills development, improving language competence, analysis and design of teaching sequences, resources and materials for language teaching and bilingual education.

In recent years, she has been participating in several research projects such as The effects of Content and Language Integrated Learning in monolingual communities: A large scale evaluation; Improving competence in linguistic communication of pre-school and primary education students and Literacy as social and educational practice in the early years of primary education, all of them financed by the Spanish Ministry. She is currently a member of a research group at the University of Jaén participating in the project: Attention to diversity in Bilingual Education: a comparative Study in Monolingual contexts.

University of Seville, Spain School of Teacher Education and Department Dual Language & English Learner Education Cristian Aquino-Sterling, Ph.D., School of Teacher Education