Cultural Proficiency Minor

The Cultural Proficiency Minor is a unique opportunity for SDSU undergraduate students across colleges and degrees to design a personalized experience around cultural proficiency practices. Courses within degree requirements and electives will support developing critical self-reflection through the perspective of the professional career they are working towards. All 9 credits of required courses are offered in a collaborative, online format to maximize flexibility for the undergraduate. 

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Minor Course Requirements (9 Units)

Cultural self-awareness, ethnocentrism, individual biases, institutional oppression, microaggressions, race relations. Historical background of racism. Impacts on current majority-minority relationships.

Impact of interpersonal, social, and cultural variables on understandings of self, relationships, and the world. Social construction of multiple identities. Meaning and salience of fluid identity development.

Application for a democratic and pluralistic society to include critical thinking, multicultural awareness, and social issues. Beliefs and attitudes on cultural issues and identity.

Elective Course Offerings (6 Units)

Based on professional goals, students may select six units from the following: 

  • AFRAS 0327 Critical Theories in Africana Studies
  • AFRAS 0331 The Black Family
  • AFRAS 0332 Black Women: Myth and Reality
  • AFRAS 0341 Cultural Patterns and African American Identity
  • AFRAS 0351 Black Religions and Spirituality
  • AFRAS 0363 Sociocultural Analysis of Black Languages
  • AMIND 0320 American Indians in Contemporary Society
  • AMIND 0420 Indian Peoples of California
  • AMIND 0451 American Indian Identity 
  • ANTH  0439 Cultural Comparisons Through Film
  • ASIAN 0300 Asia's Global Future
  • ASIAN 0310 Contemporary Issues in Asian-American Communities
  • ASIAN 0421 Asian History since 1600
  • ASIAN 0422 Asian American Experience
  • ASIAN 0456 Contemporary Asian Film
  • ASIAN 0459 Modern Asian Cultures
  • ASIAN 0460 Contemporary Issues in Filipino-American Communities
  • CCS 0320 Chicana and Chicano Lifestyles
  • CCS 0350A Chicana and Chicano History
  • CCS 0350B Chicana and Chicano History
  • CCS 0376 Chicana and Chicano Culture and Thought
  • CCS 0380 US/Mexico Borderlands Folklore
  • COMM 0371 Intercultural Communication
  • CSP 0300 Stress Management and Life Planning
  • CSP 0420 Popular Culture and Counseling
  • DLE 0416 Biliteracy Foundations for Teaching and Learning in Diverse Communities
  • DLE 0515 Multilingual Education: Theory and Practice for Biliteracy Teachers 
  • ED 0484 Valuing Human Diversity
  • LGBT 0321 LGBT Identities in the Modern World
  • LGBT 0322 LGBT History and Culture 
  • WMNST 0320 Socialization of Women
  • WMNST 0325 Psychology of Women
  • WMNST 0331 Women in Asian Societies
  • WMNST 0336 Women of Color in the United States
  • WMNST 0340 History of Women and Sexuality in Modern Europe