Child Development (M.S.)

How to Apply

The GRE is no longer required to apply to this program.

Important Dates for Fall 2024

Item Due Date
1. Cal State Apply application
(opens October 1 each year)

February 1, 2024*
(Please submit ASAP)

2. Interfolio program application February 15, 2024
3. Official transcripts due February 15, 2024

Steps 1-4: Admission to SDSU

Steps 1-4 must be completed through the SDSU Graduate Admissions Office.

SDSU Graduate Admissions: Steps to Apply

Step 5: Admission to Program

Your program application has been created in a system called Interfolio. For help, refer to this Interfolio Tutorial (PDF).

Please gather the required program-specific documents below and have them ready to upload to the Interfolio program application.

Please follow the instructions in this Resume Guidelines document (PDF).

Please download and complete this Language Background form (PDF) with your application.

Please provide one example of your academic writing. Research or literature review papers are preferred. This requirement applies to all applicants.

Three letters of recommendation are required from academic or professional sources. We recommend having at least one letter from a university professor (and all three can be university professors). Professors who you have worked with on a research project are great letter writers, as are professors who have gotten to know you in a classroom setting. Employers or internship supervisors are also great recommenders if you are working in a field related to child and family development.

For now just get the recommenders name and email address as you will request these letters be submitted through the Interfolio program application.

In a two-page, double-spaced essay, respond to the following prompts. Please format with double-spacing, 12 point font and at least one-inch margins. Use a maximum of two pages for your answer, and please upload in PDF format. 

Please explain:

  • Why you wish to become a student in the Master of Science in Child Development.
  • Any experience that you have, which you believe makes you an especially qualified applicant for a graduate degree program in Child Development.
  • Your research or project development interests, which faculty you may be interested in working with on research or project development.
  • What population you are most interested in learning about or working to benefit (e.g. low income, teens, racial and/or ethnic minorities).
  • Your future career goals and how this degree will help you achieve them.

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