Teacher Preparation Data Sources

This guide was compiled by EdQ and members of the EdPrep Data and Improvement Network (EDIN) as a resource for CSU data professionals, faculty and staff searching for accessible data to support their improvement efforts. The guide identifies and describes the current collection data dashboards of relevance to educator preparation programs. 

CSU Systemwide Dashboards

CSU Student Success Dashboard

Dashboard Owner: Chancellor’s Office, Student Success
Permissions: All CSU Faculty & Staff
Focus Population: Undergraduate students
Available Data Types: Graduation Initiative 2025 dashboard – metrics on efforts to increase graduation rates. Faculty dashboard – metrics on undergraduate student backgrounds and progression. CSU by the Numbers dashboard – historical metrics on undergraduate student backgrounds and progression. Equity Gaps dashboard – metrics on course level equity achievement gaps.

CSU EdQ DataView Pipeline Dashboard

Dashboard Owner: CSU EdQ
Faculty and staff by permission with EdQ
Focus Population:
Initial credential program candidates 
Available Data Types: 
Exit, one-year teacher and one-year employer survey data for initial preparation program teacher candidates.

Dashboard Owner: California State University Office of Institutional Research
Permissions: Public facing
Focus Population: EdPrep administrators and policymakers
Available Data Types: Enrollment data for teacher credential programs across the CSU system.  You can filter by underrepresented groups, first gen to earn bachelor’s, first gen to attend college, ethnicity, sex. Does not connect to employment data.

CSU Labor Market Outcomes

Dashboard Owner: Chancellor’s Office
Permissions: Public
Focus Population: Undergraduates from all CSUs
Available Data Types: Earnings and employment data for CSU graduates

Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) Dashboards

CTC Annual Data Submission (ADS) Dashboard

Dashboard Owner: CTC
Accessed by permission through CTC ADS system
Permissions: Administrators, faculty and staff responsible for submission of Annual Data Submission to the CTC
Focus Population: Credential program candidates
Available Data Types: Institution overview. CTC approved programs list. Credential program information. Teacher candidate enrollment, demographic, and completer data. Title II data. RICA and TPA pass rate data.  Program completer, master teacher, and employer survey data.  Credentials issued data.

CTC Data and Reports

Dashboard Owner: California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
Permissions: Public
Focus Population: Credential completers
Available Data Types: Variety of data dashboards including  (i.e., Accreditation, Teacher Supply, and Annual Report Cards on Teacher Preparation Programs (Title II), Commission-approved programs and institutions, Program Completion Surveys, and Educator supply and demand.

Ed Reports ResultsAnalyzer

Dashboard Owner: Pearson
Permissions: Faculty/Staff permission granted by a campus representative
Focus Population: Credential students who have taken a Pearson hosted exam
Available Data Types: Testing data from CalTPA, edTPA, CalAPA, CBEST, CSET, and RICA. Includes individual student data and summary/aggregate data for the institution.

Statewide Higher Ed Dashboards

Ed Data

Dashboard Owner: California Department of Education
Permissions: Public
Focus Population: K-12
Available Data Types: Web-based data reporting system for publicly reporting information about California students, teachers, and schools, providing us critical data about our partner schools. DataQuest provides access to a wide variety of reports, including school performance, test results, student enrollment, English learner, graduation and dropout, school staffing, course enrollment, and student misconduct data.

CSU Campus Public-Facing Dashboards

CSUSM Data Dashboards

Dashboard Owner: CSUSM’s Institutional Planning & Analysis
Permissions: Public-facing dashboard
Focus Population: All CSUSM students
Available Data Types: Student profile dashboard – enrollment and demographic data.  Applicant dashboard – application trends data.  Retention & Graduation dashboard – undergraduate and graduate student trends. 

Chico State Factbook

Dashboard Owner: California State University, Chico Institutional Research
Permissions: Public
Focus Population: All CSU Chico students- some trouble with credential student population 
Available Data Types: Census based data, enrollment numbers with demographics.  Topics include applications, retention, persistence, graduation, degrees conferred, course grades and diversity measures. 

Chico State GI 2025

Dashboard Owner: California State University, Chico Institutional Research
Permissions: Public
Focus Population: First-year student admits
Available Data Types: Graphic depiction of full time first-year student graduation rates as defined by Graduation Initiative 2025 (CSU Student Success)

Dashboard Owner: San Diego State University Analytic Studies & Institutional Research
Permissions: Public
Focus Population: All SDSU Students
Available Data Types: A variety of dashboards including student admission, enrollment, and graduation data.

National Education Dashboards

Data Lab

Dashboard Owner: National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), IES
Permissions: Public-facing, open 
Focus Population: Educators, policymakers
Available Data Types: Contains 30+ federal education datasets for PK-12 and Post-secondary. Also provides tools for creating visualizations and analysis via QuikStats.

For questions about the content on this page, contact Nina Salcedo Potter, Director of Assessment and Accreditation, College of Education.