Study Abroad

Learn about Study Abroad opportunities—also know as Global Cultural Experiences or International Experiences—and financing options available to students within the College of Education.

Spring 2022 COE Study Abroad Opportunities Have Been Suspended

Please visit the Aztecs Abroad database for other opportunities available this year.

Global Cultural Experience

The COE Global Cultural Experience offers students a perspective of both a country’s diverse people and the critical issues of its society, commerce, political spheres, religion(s) and culture(s). These experiences extend an opportunity for students to explore their responsibility to the global community.

Each department determines the various kinds of global experiences it recommends for its students (whether for academic credit or not). Consult your department's advisor and explore our pages to learn more.


Step-by-Step to Travel Abroad

Follow these steps to begin your study abroad adventure:

Step 1: Browse Aztecs Abroad

Get to know Aztecs Abroad, a database maintained by SDSU's International Student Center, and take a look at various study abroad options offered around campus..

Step 2: Meet with an advisor

Visit the advising page to find Global Cultural Experience advisors' contact information and walk-in advising hours.

Step 3: Attend an information session

Attend an information session to learn more about study abroad programs and explore travel possibilities.

Step 4: Choose a Global Cultural Experience

Decide which study abroad option is right for you.

Step 5: Get a passport

Apply for (or renew) your passport.

Step 6: Fund your study abroad

Research funding for your study abroad adventure. Go to the finances page.

Liberal Studies Program Students

See the Liberal Studies International Experiences page for opportunities tailored specifically for you.


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