Certificate, Added Authorization, and Professional Development Programs

Both certificates and added authorizations provide additional professional skills and expertise; one is sanctioned by San Diego State University and the other by the the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC)


What is a Certificate?

A certificate is granted by SDSU after a candidate completes a set of courses which provide the candidate with specialized skills and expertise.

Advanced Certificate in Behavior Analysis

SPED offers a verified course sequence (VCS) from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board® towards the BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) certificate, as well as the Advanced Certificate in Behavior Analysis. 

Advanced Certificate in Co-occurring Disorders

The purpose of the Advanced Certificate in Co-occurring Disorders is to educate counseling students and practicing counselors to provide effective, evidence-based services to individuals with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. This certificate is designed for master's-level counseling students and practicing counselors in rehabilitation counseling, social work, marriage, and family counseling, and other counseling professions who seek to develop knowledge and skill in the area of integrated services (i.e., the provision of simultaneous substance use and mental health services in
the same-service setting).

Dual Language for Academic Literacy

This certificate program provides K-12 teachers and other education professionals with specialized course work in Dual Language programming. This construct provides instruction in two languages and is aimed for students to develop competencies in bilingualism, biliteracy and biculturalism/ multiculturalism.

EC-TEaMH: Early Childhood Transdisciplinary Education and Mental Health

EC-TEaMH is an interdisciplinary program focusing on professional preparation and skills enhancement of early childhood educators who work with young children who demonstrate socio-emotional and behavioral problems and their parents.

English Language Development for Academic Literacy

This certificate program provides K-12 teachers and other education professionals with specialized preparation for developing academic literacy assessment, curriculum, and teaching methods specifically designed to meet the needs of English Language Learners (ELLs).

International Inclusive Leadership Program

This is a 5-course program through SDSU that prepares participants to lead teams in the design and delivery of effective accommodations, modifications, and interventions within general education settings. Participants can choose to complete the courses for professional learning only or for university credit.

Restorative Justice Practice and Trauma-Informed Care Certificate

The Restorative Justice Practice and Trauma-Informed Care Certificate is a 12-unit online program designed to educate professionals in contemporary mental health practices that focus on mental health recovery, restorative justice practices and trauma-informed care in schools, social service agencies, and community organizations.

Rehabilitation Technology

This certificate program trains interested engineers and non-engineers in the field of rehabilitation technology using formal classroom instruction, project design and fabrication, and internship.

Supported Employment & Transition Specialist

This certificate prepares specialists who develop and implement programs in supported employment and adult community living for youth and adults with disabilities.

Certificate in Cognitive Disabilities

The Certificate in Cognitive Disabilities is designed for current and aspiring rehabilitation counselors who are, or intend to become, providers of vocational and independent living services on behalf of persons with cognitive disabilities, including those with autistic spectrum disorders, intellectual disability, traumatic brain injuries, and learning disabilities.

Certificate in Psychiatric Rehabilitation

The purpose of the certificate is to educate rehabilitation counselors to provide effective interventions that will result in greater workforce participation and community integration of individuals who experience psychiatric disabilities. 

Added Authorizations

What is an Added Authorization?

An added authorization is regulated by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) that enables teachers to teach more subjects in more areas. (For example, an elementary school teacher might work toward an added authorization to teach math in middle school.)

Bilingual Added Authorization

This bilingual added authorization is open to all teachers who hold a preliminary or clear California credential for multiple or single subject teaching and are interested in adding the bilingual authorization.

Reading and Literacy

This program provides additional expertise and authorization in literacy instruction, preparing you to teach literacy in the classroom more effectively and to assume additional roles at the school level in literacy leadership.

Special Education Early Childhood Added Authorization

This CCTC-approved added authorization can be added to a Level II Specialist Credential in Special Education. The added authorization extends credential authorization from age 5 down to birth.