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Learn how you can contribute to your favorite College of Education department or department-sponsored project.

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All College of Education (COE) programs are designed to prepare professionals who will provide outstanding educational services to the diverse populations they serve.

Our commitment is to prepare professionals who will provide the highest quality learning environments to ensure student and client success and achievement through:

  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Service

All gifts to San Diego State University are accepted and administered by The Campanile Foundation (TCF), an official 501 [c] [3] auxiliary organization of San Diego State University.
The Tax I.D. number is 33-0868418.

Please consider supporting these important, ongoing efforts. Scroll down to find College of Education departments and learn how you can contribute to their success:


Department of Administration, Rehabilitation, and Postsecondary Education (ARPE)

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ARPE faculty are committed to serving adults with diverse backgrounds and needs. Our goal is to develop exceptional leaders in diverse educational and human service organizations through learner-centered strategies and community alliances. This goal embodies the principle of life-long learning for all.

Please consider supporting the Department of ARPE, or choose to support one of its programs, below:

Your gift will build the capacity of this center to provide support, information and education for families of children with disabilities and the professionals who assist these families.

By offering emotional support and factual information, EFRC enables families to help their children reach their fullest potential. 

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Your gift will support Interwork (ARPE) in research, training, leadership development, distance education, and more.

Common values ground the work of faculty and staff in the Institute to promote the inclusion of every person, including those with disabilities and from every race/ ethnicity and gender identity, in all aspects of our community.

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 Your gift will enhance the quality of offerings for graduate students who are learning to become student affairs leaders in post-secondary institutions across the nation.

The program emphasizes student learning centeredness, integration of the curricular and co-curricular learning paradigms, and analysis, planning, and responsible practice of leaders in a socially just and global environment. 

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Department of Child & Family Development (CFD)

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CFD offers the interdisciplinary child development major. Field experience programs offer students supervised work in a number of community settings. The child development degree provides a flexible curriculum base for continuation into graduate programs including child development, teacher education, social work, and counseling.

Graduates from the program are employed in a variety of work experiences related to the well-being of children and families.

Please consider supporting the Department of CFD, or choose to support one of its programs, below:

Your gift will support CFD’s study abroad opportunities by providing financial assistance to students who need support in order to participate in short, impactful international learning opportunities.

Your gift will also help SDSU faculty create additional international opportunities for our CFD students. 

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Department of Counseling and School Psychology (CSP)

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CSP holds a mission of preparing culturally competent and compassionate professionals at the graduate level to provide leadership in school counseling, school psychology, marriage and family therapy, and community counseling.  CSP is an interdisciplinary department committed to working towards equity, economic, and social justice within the college and university, our professions, and throughout the broader society.

Please consider supporting the Department of CSP, or choose to support one of its programs, below:

Over the past 40 years, the Community-Based Block (CBB) Program has prepared hundreds of counselors and other community leaders who are making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and families.

Your gift will help strengthen this outstanding program and build its capacity to serve diverse communities.

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Faculty from around the world request the opportunity to serve as visiting faculty members in our Department of Counseling and School Psychology.

Your gift would provide nominal support for national and international faculty who visit our campus and provide consultation to our programs.

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Your gift will support the Center for Counseling for Community Change (CCC).

The program matches underprivileged youth from the City Heights area with counselor-mentors, who are current graduate students in the Professional Counseling and Marriage & Family Therapy programs. Your gift would allow youth, ages 10 to 18, to receive free counseling services from someone with a similar background and work toward removing the social and emotional barriers to their academic and career goals.

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Department of Dual Language and English Learner Education

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DLE produces highly qualified biliteracy teachers through its single and multiple subject credential programs. Its M.A. program is open to all teachers and educators in both school and community settings.

The focus is on transformative educational leadership grounded in democratic schooling and social justice for ethnically and linguistically diverse school communities. DLE emphasizes working in collaboration with schools, families, and community.

Please consider supporting the Department of DLE, or choose to support one of its programs, below:

Your gift will support SDSU’s efforts to expand the American Sign Language program for students throughout SDSU.

Hundreds of SDSU students have expressed an interest in learning more about deaf culture and communicating through American Sign Language.

Your gift will build our capacity to respond to this growing interest.

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Your gift will support future teachers who are well-prepared to promote the success of English learners.

In particular, your gift will defer costs associated with state-required assessments and the preparation for those assessments.

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Your gift will support school-wide capacity building training institutes for school sites in California interested in developing or modifying K-12 dual-language programming.

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Your gift will support an initiative that is helping improve teaching and learning on both sides of our border with Mexico.

Support for this partnership between SDSU and Universidad Pedagógica Nacional de Tijuana will support school-wide capacity-building seminars for school sites in Tijuana.

Additionally, gifts will support the study abroad costs of SDSU bilingual credential candidates’ transfronterizo (cross-border) experience.

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Department of Educational Leadership (EDL)

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EDL has a mission to prepare future school leaders who desire to make a powerful difference in the lives of students.

EDL prepares exceptional leaders for a diverse Pre-K-12 school system and for postsecondary leadership. Students complete coursework as part of a cohort. Field experiences are central to the program, and students participate in meaningful leadership activities throughout their program.

Please consider supporting the Department of EDL, or choose to support one of its programs, below:

Your gift will provide equipment, professional development, and related support that enrich the quality and effectiveness of school and school district leaders.

By increasing the quality and effectiveness of leaders, we can positively influence educational outcomes for all students.

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NCUST identifies, studies, celebrates, and promotes the best practices of schools across the nation that achieve outstanding learning results for all demographic groups of students.

Your gift will enable NCUST to identify, study, and celebrate more amazing urban schools.

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Department of Special Education (SPED)

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SPED has a primary mission to contribute to improved school and life experiences for individuals with exceptionalities and for their families, including those who are learning English or are from diverse backgrounds.

We also offer certificate programs in several areas including the Behavior Analyst Advanced Certificate. We are expanding our presence in the various doctoral programs at SDSU as well. Our faculty have strong involvement in research and school district partnerships.

Please consider supporting the Department of SPED, or choose to support one of its programs, below:

Your gift will provide scholarship support for teacher candidates who are preparing to serve children and youth with disabilities.

Many candidates obtain loans to complete their programs, so your gift can help future special educators reduce their student loan debt.

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Your gift will help bring the nation’s leading special educators to SDSU to provide workshops for our faculty, students, alumni, and school district partners.

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Your gift will support this newly formed university center.

The center includes collaborators from multiple departments with a focus on research, education, and support for individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their families.

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School of Teacher Education (STE)

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STE prepares elementary, middle, and secondary teachers who learn how to teach the world-class California content standards and develop the skills necessary to be effective teachers in California’s culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms. (Liberal Studies is a department of STE.) Credential candidates work in cohort groups and experience student teaching in K-12 classrooms of local schools with which we have well-established partnerships.

Please consider supporting the Department of STE, or choose to support one of its programs, below:

Your gift will support this novel summer program that 1) excites children and youth about science and engineering through engaging activities on the SDSU campus and 2) motivates SDSU undergraduates in mathematics, science, and engineering to consider careers in teaching.

Please see the Aztec Science Camp website and associated video.

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Your gift will support the SDSU Center for Critical Thinking and Creativity as it helps advance performance and productivity in diverse communities by enhancing critical and creative thinking in schools.

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Your gift will enable the School of Teacher Education to provide awards and recognition to outstanding guide teachers who support our SDSU student teachers.

The Guide Teacher Excellence Award is an important tool for identifying, retaining, and recognizing guide teachers for their exemplary skills in teaching K-12 students and in mentoring future teachers.

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GTE award winner poses with plaque reading GTE Award awarded to an outstanding guide teacher by the SDSU School of Teacher Education

Your gift will help the SDSU Literacy Center serve more children in the San Diego community, build their ability to READ, WRITE, and RISE to their potential, and help them experience the joy of literacy.

Also, by supporting the Literacy Center, you will help provide practical learning experiences for educators and future educators who are seeking to improve their teaching skills.

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Your gift will support the SDSU Center for Visual Literacies as it helps educators use visual-based practices that help all children and youth access academic content.

Please see the Center for Visual Literacies website and the associated video.

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