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Advance your career and become an effective leader and change maker in the fields of PK-12, postsecondary education, or community-based social justice counseling and education. Master’s and doctoral programs offered.

Suparna Kudesia
Meet educational leadership doctoral student Suparna Kudesia.

Master's Degree Programs

The College of Education offers graduate study leading to a Master of Arts (M.A.) or Master of Science (M.S.) degree in education in various concentrations. Some of these concentrations are designed to permit concurrent completion of the requirements for the correspondingly named advanced credentials.

Postsecondary Educational Leadership, Specialization in Student Affairs

Preparing self-aware, emotionally intelligent, adaptable, compassionate, and highly competent transformational leaders who will improve access, equity, and holistic student success in all of higher education.

Critical Literacy and Social Justice (DLE)

Providing teachers and others in the education profession with skills in critiquing current school programs from a social equity and social justice perspective.

Community-Based Block Multicultural Counseling and Social Justice Education (CBB)

Prepares transformative culturally diverse leaders as Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors who work competently in cross-cultural K-16 schools, mental health agencies, and community organizations. CBB’s theory and pedagogy includes critical race theory and affective experiential multicultural education strategies.

Educational Leadership PreK-12

Designed for school administrators and teachers who aspire to a leadership role in PK-12 education

Teacher Leadership

Designed for teachers who want to take on leadership roles in their school communities without sacrificing their impact in the classroom.

Doctoral Degree Programs

Our college was honored to be among the first to partner with other institutions in offering a joint doctoral program, and our partnership with Claremont Graduate University endures. In addition to the Ph.D., the college is proud to offer Ed.D. programs in PK-12 school leadership and community college/ postsecondary education leadership.

PK-12 School Leadership

Developing reflective leaders and change agents, capable of responding to the area’s demographic shifts and the increasingly complex needs of educational organizations within this diverse multicultural region.

Community College/Postsecondary Education Leadership

Preparing community college/postsecondary educational leaders who are committed to educational justice, and provides them with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes essential to transforming education systems for student success.

SDSU/CGU Joint Doctoral Program

Developing scholars who are committed to research on democratic schooling, social justice and equitable educational outcomes for all students, and the improvement of educational systems serving diverse communities. 

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