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Fall 2021

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September 13

"Combating Ableism in Higher Education"
Dr. Sonia Peterson, Dr. Toni Ann Saia, and Dr. Joseph Stramondo.

September 15

"JEDI Discussion Circle: Honoring Hispanic Heritage Month"
Mariano Lozano Soto and Naomi Ramírez.

September 20

"Beyond the Designated Multicultural Education Course: Integrating Antiracist Pedagogical Approaches into Science Methods and Other University Courses"
Dr. Kathleen Schenkel and Lucyann Atkins.

September 27 "Akin´s Afro in Afro-Brazilian Children’s Literature: Toward an Ancestral Eco-Pedagogy"
Dr. Kiusam de Oliveira and Carolina Marchi.
October 1 "Global Learning Outcomes & Global Learning Course Designation at SDSU: An Information Session"
Dr. Yea-Wen Chen and Giuliano Iannarelli McDonald
October 4

"An Indigenous Worldview Can Preserve Our Existence: Implications for Education"
Dr. Wahinkpe Topa - Four Arrows (a.k.a) Donald Trent Jacobs.

Video: Diálogos Virtuales - Four Arrows
October 25

"The Unlearning Oppression & Alliance-Building Workshop" 
Dr. Beth Blue Swadener and Dr. Joy Anderson.

November 1

"Internationalizing Curriculum in the College of Education: Neoliberal, Liberal, & Critical/ Decolonial Approaches"
Dr. Cristian Aquino-Sterling and Dr. William A. Twayigize.

November 8

"Spanglish Decolonial Healing"
marcela polanco, Nilufer Akman, Guadalupe Villarreal Ontiveros, Dr. Tri Nguyễn, and Navid Zamani.

November 15

"International Students’ Challenges and Coping Strategies"
Dr. Chichun Lin.


Spring 2021

Date Topic & Speakers Video Link
February 4 “Ubuntu and Tinogona”
Dr. Li-Rong (Lilly) Cheng, Professor, School of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (SDSU) and Director, Chinese Cultural Center (SDSU)
February 18 “The K-12 Ethnic Studies Movement in California: Ethnic Studies Curricular Dimensions”
Dr. Trish Gallagher-Geurtsen - UCSD and Dr. Miguel Zavala - CAL State LA
March  4 “Advancing Glocal and Global Education in the COE: An Initial Dialogue”
Dr. Cristian Aquino-Sterling – SDSU COE - STE and Dr. Sarah Maheronnaghsh – SDSU COE - DLE
Video: Advancing Glocal and Global Education in the COE
March 29 “Ethics, Identity, and Education: A Levinasian Perspective”
Dr. Donald Blumenfeld-Jones - Arizona State University
April 6 “Education and Mental Wellness at the Intersection of Black Identities: Critical Dialogues.”
Amber St. James, Fatima Haghi, Lorenza Hilliard, Monica Sanders, and Dr. Sesen Negash.
April 12 “Anti-Asian and Anti-Asian American Hate and Racism in U.S. Society: Implications for Advocacy, Curriculum, and Pedagogy in Education.”
Dr. Li-Rong Lilly Cheng, Dr. Katina Lambros, Dr. Virginia Loh-Hagan, Dr. Valerie Ooka Pang, Dr. Nellie Tran, and Dr. Sandra Wawrytko
April 14 “White Anti-Racism: Dismantling the Internalized Oppression of White Supremacy”
Dr. Dani Bedau, Dr. Katie Turner, Dr. Lisa M. Sparaco, and Dr. Shelley Orr SDSU White Anti-Racist Committee
April 22 “Bilingual Education Around the World: Cross-National Dialogues on the State of the Art”
Dr. Ivan Cláudio Pereira Siqueira (Brazil) - Dr. Anwei Feng (China) Dr. Anne-Marie de Mejía (Colombia) - Dr. Maria Luisa Pérez-Cañado (Spain) Dr. Rainer Enrique Hamel (Mexico) - Dr. Christian Faltis (USA) Dr. Margarita Machado-Casas (USA), and Dr. Belinda Bustos Flores
April 29 “Systemic and Experiential Approaches to Improve Students' Mental Health: A Workshop for COE Faculty”
Dr. Chi-Chun (Wally) Lin - University of British Columbia (UBC)
May 6 “Philosophy with Children: Creating Inclusive Spaces”
Debi Talukdar, Ph.D. Candidate - Program Director, Center for Philosophy for Children - University of Washington

Fall 2020

Full Fall 2020 Schedule

Date Topic & Speakers Video Link
November 18 “Creating Safe and Inclusive Schools for LGBTQ Students”
Dr. Vincent Pompei
October 28 “Teaching in Bilingual Education for Critical Racial Consciousness: Lessons on Latinx Equity from a Dual-language Program”
Dr. Laura Chavez-Moreno 
October 14 “Descriptive Inquiry and Theatre of the Oppressed as Social Justice Methodologies”
Dr. Felicia V. Black
September 30 “Racial Justice in Teaching and Learning”
Dr. Joseph F. Johnson
Video: Racial Justice in Teaching and Learning
September 16 “Who's Afraid of Distance Learning?”
Dr. Douglas Fisher and Dr. Nancy Frey