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Child Development (M.S.) with a Concentration in Early Childhood Mental Health and LPCC Program Application

Learn how to apply to the Child Development (M.S.) with a Concentration in Early Childhood Mental Health and LPCC.

Important Dates for Fall 2020

Item Due Date
1. Cal State Apply application
(opens October 1 each year)
December 16, 2019
2. Program application January 13, 2020
3. Transcripts & GRE scores due January 13, 2020

NOTE: You apply for fall 2020 even though the program starts in the summer.

Steps to Apply

Follow the steps below to apply to the Child Development (M.S.) in ECMH (LPCC) Program:

  1. Apply to the California State University via Cal State Apply.
  2. Request official transcripts.
  3. Submit the Program application for the Child Development (M.S.) in ECMH (LPCC) program.

1. Cal State Apply

For assistance, see Tips on Completing the Cal State Apply University Application

Go to Cal State Apply (CSU application) - Apply Now

Cal State Apply, woman on phone

2. Request official transcripts

Request that your official transcripts be sent to SDSU, following instructions on our Submit Test Scores and Transcripts page.

3. Program application

Gather required items

Please gather the items below and have them ready to upload:


Please follow the instructions in this Resumé Guidelines document (PDF).

 Please download and complete this Language Background form (PDF) with your application.

Please provide one example of your academic writing. Research or literature review papers are preferred. This requirement applies to all applicants.

Please provide 3 letters of recommendation from individuals with whom you have interacted professionally (academic, employment, or clinical settings). It is recommended that at least one letter come from a professor or someone who can speak to your academic abilities and one from someone who can directly address your interactions/experiences with children, families, or other groups. 

Recommenders will submit their letters directly into the online Program Application.

In a 2-page, double-spaced essay, please explain the following:

  • Background: Describe what in your life has influenced your decision to pursue an LPCC program in early childhood and mental health.
  • Career Perception and Goals: What type of role and/or settings do you see yourself working in professionally after you become an LPCC? Please be as specific as possible regarding the settings and function of your desired future role.
  • Strengths and Areas to Improve: Describe yourself candidly in terms of your strengths and areas to improve regarding emotional, social, and intellectual activities.


Submit your program application online

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