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Educational Leadership: Concentration in PK-12 School Leadership (Ed.D.) Program Application

Learn how to apply to the Educational Leadership: Concentration in PK-12 School Leadership (Ed.D.) offered by the Department of Educational Leadership (EDL).

Welcome to the Educational Leadership: Concentration in PK-12 School Leadership (Ed.D.) admissions information page.

The Ed.D. Program in Educational Leadership in PK-12 concentration seeks to advance the work of public schools throughout San Diego and Imperial Counties. The program is committed to developing reflective leaders and change agents, capable of responding to the area’s demographic shifts and the increasingly complex needs of educational organizations within this diverse multicultural region.

All applicants must have completed a master’s degree program prior to admission and reside in San Diego or Imperial counties or commit to relocating if admitted to the program.

Important Dates for Fall 2021

Item Due Date

1. Cal State Apply application
(opens October 1 each year)

March 1, 2021
2. Program application March 1, 2021
3. Official Transcripts due April 1, 2021

Steps to Apply

Follow the steps below to apply to the Educational Leadership: Concentration in PK-12 School Leadership (Ed.D.) Program:

  • You must first apply to the California State University via Cal State Apply.
  • Next, request official transcripts.
  • Then, submit the Program application for the Educational Leadership: Concentration in PK-12 School Leadership (Ed.D.) Program

1. Submit Cal State Apply

For assistance, see Tips on Completing the Cal State Apply University Application

Go to Cal State Apply (CSU application) -- opens Oct 1

2. Request official transcripts

Request that your official transcripts be sent to SDSU, following instructions on our Submit Test Scores and Transcripts page.

GRE Requirement Suspended for Spring and Fall 2021

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, SDSU has suspended the requirement that applicants for graduate study submit GRE scores for the Spring and Fall 2021 admissions cycle. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact the program advisor.

3. Apply to the Program

Submit the program application and required documents as directed below: 

Required documents

Please gather the items below and have them ready to upload:

Hold a valid California Clear credential.

Write a Statement of Leadership Philosophy, 1-2 pages, addressing your beliefs and values about leadership, curriculum and instruction, students, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders.

Prepare a current resumé  or curriculum vitae to your application, which will include your education and employment history as well as any academic honors, awards, scholarships, and publications.
Contact 2 individuals who you have interacted with academically and/or professionally and would be able to write a letter of recommendation for you. Recommenders will submit their recommendations directly into the Online Program Application.
Nomination/ statement of support for the candidate's doctoral studies from employer or, in cases where this is not provided, an indication of the candidate's plan for meeting the demands of the program and professional responsibilities.
Please submit an example of your best professional and/ or academic writing.


Program application

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