Tips on Completing the Cal State Apply University Application - Graduate Applicants

Find helpful tips on completing the Cal State Apply University Application for applicants to Graduate programs for Master's and Doctoral programs (including PhD and EdD).

Welcome! We are happy that you are applying to a College of Education program at SDSU!

Cal State Apply and Program Application Overlap

Please note that most Graduate programs in the College of Education require 2 applications to complete the application process: 1) Cal State Apply to the University and 2) a Program application. Our faculty will only be reviewing the information in your Program Application..

Our Preliminary credential programs only require the Cal State Apply application as we have included the program questions into this application. If you are applying to a Credential program and you need help with Cal State Apply, please refer to the Credential Program Tips for Cal State Apply page.

Information that you can skip

You can submit Cal State Apply without entering all of the information in all sections (as described below), since you will provide this information in your Program Application.

If you are applying to programs at other campuses, then you should check with them to see if they require these fields.

  • GPA Entry: You can also skip the GPA question by doing the following:  Click on Add GPA and then select "I don't have a GPA to add." See page 27, GPA Entries, of the Graduate Application Tutorial.
  • Standardized tests: Only Master's and Doctoral applicants need to enter their GRE score or when they plan to take the GRE in the Standardized test section. Credential applicants can use the button, "I don't have any test scores to enter," to skip this section. 

These items are not required on the graduate application at SDSU.

  • Experiences: Applicants do NOT need to enter any information in Experiences.  Our faculty will not be reviewing this information in this application — instead they will review similar information in the Program Application.  Please SKIP these sections by clicking on the button "I have not experiences to add."

For most Graduate applicants this section should already be green "complete" for you.  Nothing is required in this quadrant.

Preliminary Credential applicants and a couple MA programs have built this section out so their program only has 1 application.  If this applies to your program then you will complete this quadrant instead of a second Program Application.  If you do not already have a green circle on this section, then your program requires you to complete it.

Helpful Resources

This tutorial (PDF) can help all applicants applying for Graduate Admission at SDSU through the Cal State Apply application.

This tutorial (PDF) can help you complete the Program Materials quadrant required when applying to the following programs:

  • Multiple or Single Subject credential
  • Bilingual Multiple or Bilingual Single Subject credential
  • Special Education credential (Early Childhood, Mild/Moderate, or Moderate/Severe)

Questions & Problems

Need answers?

For specific questions, visit the Cal State Apply FAQ page or contact Melanie Falkenberg, SDSU Credential Programs Admissions Coordinator, at [email protected].

If you cannot submit your application and are receiving an error message,  contact the Cal State Apply Technical Help Line at 857-304-2087.

Please be sure to have the CAS # assigned to your application for reference when you call.

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