College of Education Student California Teachers' Association (SCTA)

On this page: Learn about the College of Education Student California Teachers' Association (SCTA).

Student CTA strives to be a recognized and collaborative organization that inspires and fosters exemplary future leaders in education.

  • We believe in developing qualified, skilled and passionate future educators prepared to address evolving challenges in the profession.
  • We believe political action is a way to be proactive and informed to gain a personal understanding of the issues that concern your profession in order to publicly influence positive change.
  • We believe community service helps future educators develop, foster and improve the community and creates positive relationships.
  • We believe in supporting a diverse membership and working together to promote a public education system that values the diversity of our state.


Fall 2018: Tuesdays 7:00 pm in EBA 342

How to Join

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SCTA Application (PDF)

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Patricia Lozado-Santone

Dr. Patricia Lozada-Santone


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Photo of several SCTA members tabling outdoors on campus