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Marriage & Family Therapy (M.S.)

Thank you for your interest in the Marriage & Family Therapy program at SDSU. For questions pertaining to our program, please see our FAQ. For detailed information on the MFT program and its expectations, please refer to the Essential Guide provided to MFT students.

The MFT program holds two information sessions in the fall term. To learn more about our information sessions, please visit MFT Admissions.

Please see MFT Admissions for more information regarding the application process (i.e., letters of recommendation, GRE scores, deadlines, etc.). Due to our large applicant pool, we are not able to schedule individual consultations with prospective students. Instead, we will encourage interested candidates to join our information sessions. 

For more information regarding tuition, please see SDSU Cost of Attendance for details. Tuition is subject to change. Contact the Office of Admissions for up to date information. 

For more information regarding financial aid, please see College of Education Financial Aid & Scholarships

Our department office offers general advising and advising regarding the application process, what is needed, timelines, and what to expect/how to prepare. To request an appointment time, please send an email to [email protected]. Please refer to the Graduate Advisor Resources for employment, funding, and other resources. Alternatively, please visit Graduate Admissions for additional resources. 

If you are an international student, please refer to International Admissions or to International Student Services for your questions.

If you require any accommodations to attend an information session, program interview, etc., please reach out to the Student Ability Success Center

If your questions are not answered via the resources provided above, we recommend attending one of our information sessions to ask the faculty more in-depth questions.

Thank you again for your interest in our program. We look forward to connecting with you! 

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If you have questions that could not be answered by the various sections of the MFT webpage, the Essential Guide, or you feel likely cannot be answered in the  information sessions, you can ask a specific question or request additional information by filling in the form below.