Carol Robinson-Zañartu, Ph.D.

Professor Emerita
Counseling and School Psychology



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Dr. Carol Robinson-Zañartu is Professor Emerita, Department of Counseling and School Psychology at San Diego State University, where she served as department chair for 16 years and taught multiple classes in school psychology for some 30 years. Her work has been devoted to educational equity, with a strong commitment to and emphasis on culturally responsive work with Native American and Indigenous youth and multiple language learners, especially Spanish speakers. She also specialized in and taught classes in intervention-base dynamic assessment and mediated interventions, focusing on the development of critical thinking skills, their integration with cultural relevance and with Common Core Standards. She has been awarded or served as PI on over $14M in federal grants designed to prepare school psychologists to serve diverse populations. She currently directs the following federally funded projects: (a) PUEDE! A School Psychology-SLP Bilingual Collaboration and  (b) SHPA, Mental Health Specialization and Collaboration with School Psychology-School Counseling on behalf of Native and Indigenous youth and communities. She has published over 50 professional articles and book chapters, primarily related to issues of equity, and made over 120 international, national and statewide professional presentations.

As professor emerita, she continues to write, engage in research, offer workshops and presentations, and to direct federal projects (grants) focused on issues of equity to support the professional preparation of school psychologists, speech language pathologists and school counselors.  She teaches the seminar on Native American and Indigenous issues in schools.  She currently serves as CASP SIG Chair for Dual Language and School Psychology, as a member of the Executive Board for the International Association of Cognitive Education and Psychology, and on the NASP Indigenous American Work Group. 


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