School of Teacher Education

Faculty in the School of Teacher Education are known nationally and internationally for their work in teacher education, for their expertise in teaching in culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms, and for their in-depth understanding of teaching the content areas.

They serve as elected officers and board members of prestigious state, national, and international educational organizations. They are active researchers, as well as expert teachers, and are well-versed in research that informs the field about best practices in education.

Our faculty are committed to ensuring that principles of equity and social justice are made real by working with prospective and experienced teachers to help create learning environments in which all students succeed to their highest potential. 

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School of Teacher Education

Image Name Title Office Phone Email
Emily Schell, Ed.D. Emily Schell, Ed.D. Executive Director, CGEP Statewide Office EBA-222A 619-594-8302 [email protected]
School of Teacher Education EBA-255 619-594-6131
Cristian R Aquino-Sterling, Ph.D. Cristian R Aquino-Sterling, Ph.D. Associate Professor, STE & Associate Dean for Diversity and International Affairs, COE EBA-211A 619-594-6675 [email protected]
Marva Cappello, Ph.D. Marva Cappello, Ph.D. Professor & Director, JDP & Center for Visual Literacies EBA-215 619-594-1322 [email protected]
Lisa Carney-Farwell, M.A. EBA-207A 619-594-0352 [email protected]
Estella Chizhik, Ph.D. Professor NE-79B 619-594-0971 [email protected]
Cathy Close Lecturer EBA-209A 619-594-7175
Gloria Davies, M.A. Lecturer EBA-207A 619-594-0352 [email protected]
Luke Duesbery, Ph.D. Associate Professor EBA-216A 619-594-8964 [email protected]
Margaret Gallego, Ph.D. Professor EBA-217A 619-594-2707 [email protected]
Kristin Gibson EBA-255 619-594-6131 [email protected]
Eric Ginsberg, M.A. Lecturer EBA-213 619-594-7229 [email protected]
Nicholas Johnson, Ph.D. Nicholas Johnson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor EBA-207A 619-594-0352 [email protected]
Stephanie Kearney Administrative Support Coordinator EBA-255 619-594-6131 [email protected]
Diane Lapp, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus EBA-207A 619-594-6146 [email protected]
Kelly Leon, M.A. Kelly Leon, M.A. Lecturer, Generation Global Single Subject Credential Block Co-Leader, & CGEP Regional Director EBA-224 [email protected]
Virginia Loh-Hagan, Ph.D. Liberal Studies Program Director EBA-255 619-594-3295 [email protected]
Jill Kerper Mora, Ed.D. Associate Professor Emerita ED-121 619-594-6150 [email protected]
Reading Recovery Program -Suite 200 619-594-3241
Teresa Ramirez-Velasquez Administrative Support Coordinator EBA-255 619-594-5777 [email protected]
Donna Ross, Ph.D. Associate Professor NE-99 619-594-6129 [email protected]
Katherine Sciurba, Ph.D. Assistant Professor EBA-217 619-594-1625 [email protected]
David Strom Professor Emeritus ED-121 619-594-6150 [email protected]
Meredith Vaughn, Ph.D. Associate Professor NE-83C 619-594-3378 [email protected]

Building Abbreviations Used in this Directory

Building Abbreviation Building Name
EBA Education and Business Administration
ED Education
FOBW Faculty Office Building West (Imperial Valley)
NE North Education