Special Education

The Department of Special Education (SPED) prepares educators and other professionals to work with people with exceptionalities and their families. The majority of our programs prepare special education teachers to work with children with disabilities and their families from birth through young adulthood. There are also programs for those interested in working with gifted and talented students.

In addition to tenure-track faculty and full-time instructors, SPED employs more than 50 field-based, part-time instructors.

Faculty areas of expertise include:

  • Disability as diversity
  • Cultural and linguistic diversity
  • Post-secondary transition
  • Birth to 5 early childhood special education
  • Response to intervention
  • Behavior analysis
  • Assessment
  • Instructional adaptations

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Image Name Title Office Phone Email
Special Education NE-70 619-594-6665
Regina R. Brandon, Ph.D. Regina R. Brandon, Ph.D. Associate Professor NE-90 619-594-8408 [email protected]
Christopher R. Brum, Ph.D. Christopher R. Brum, Ph.D. Assistant Professor NE-97 619-594-4814 [email protected]
Janice Chan Janice Chan, M.A., BCBA Lecturer NE-70 858-966-7703 x243509 [email protected]
Lauren Collins, Ph.D. Lauren Collins, Ph.D. Associate Professor NE-70 [email protected]
Claudia Dunn, Ph.D. Claudia Dunn, Ph.D. Visiting Professor NE-96 [email protected]
Gretchen Grundon, M.A., BCBA NE-70 [email protected]
Laura J. Hall, Ph.D., BCBA-D Laura J. Hall, Ph.D., BCBA-D Professor & Chair NE-74B 619-594-0768 [email protected]
Elizabeth Howerton Lecturer NE-70 [email protected]
Natalie Hoxie Lecturer NE-70 [email protected]
Bonnie Kraemer, Ph.D. Bonnie Kraemer, Ph.D. Associate Professor NE-88 619-594-3492 [email protected]
Paul Luelmo, Ph.D. Paul Luelmo, Ph.D. Assistant Professor NE-72B [email protected]
Vanessa Montes Lecturer NE-70 [email protected]
Catherine Prodor Lecturer NE-70 [email protected]
Beth Allison Scharf Lecturer NE-70 [email protected]
Jessica Suhrheinrich, Ph.D. Jessica Suhrheinrich, Ph.D. Associate Professor NE-95 619-594-2135 [email protected]
Luz E Torres, B.A. Administrative Support Assistant NE-70 619-594-6665 [email protected]
Yasemin Turan-Qian, Ph.D. Yasemin Turan-Qian, Ph.D. Associate Professor NE-72B 619-594-4318 [email protected]
Carolyn Veseliny, M.A. Special Education Projects NE-74C [email protected]
Hillary Whiteside Hillary Whiteside Director of Children's Workshop, TIEE NE-70 (619) 521-3990 [email protected]

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