Nellie Tran, Ph.D.

Nellie Tran
  • Associate Professor
  • Counseling and School Psychology


  • Tran, N., & Paterson, S. E. (2015). “American” as a proxy for “Whiteness”: Racial color- blindness in everyday life. In A. Dottolo & E. Kaschek (Eds.) Special Issue: Whiteness & White Privilege, Women & Therapy, 38, 341-355. doi: 10.1080/02703149.2015.1059216
  • Birman, D., & Tran, N. (2015). The Academic Engagement of Newly Arriving Somali Bantu Students in a U.S. Elementary School. Washington, DC: Migration Policy Institute
  • Tran, N., & Chan, W. Y. (2016). A contemporary perspective of working with Asian/Asian American communities. In M. A. Bond, C. B. Keys, & I. Serrano- Garcia (Eds) In Handbook of Community Psychology: Methods for community research and action for diverse groups and issues, Vol. 2. (pp. 475-490). Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association

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