Kelsey Dickson, Ph.D.

Kelsey Dickson

Associate Professor
Child and Family Development



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Professional Biography

Dr. Kelsey Dickson earned her doctorate degree in child clinical psychology at Kent State University. She is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in services and implementation research aiming to develop, test, and implement evidence-based interventions (EBIs) for youth with behavioral health conditions in community service settings. Her work also focuses on examining mechanisms such as executive functioning (EF) impacting the etiology and effective treatment of neurodevelopment and mental health conditions. She has a NIMH Career Development Award applying an implementation science framework to adapt and test an EF EBI for youth with autism spectrum disorder served in community mental health settings. Additionally, Dr. Dickson has clinical expertise delivering evidence-based services for youth presenting with a variety of behavioral health conditions in community settings.


  • Ph.D., Child Clinical Psychology with Minor Concentration in Quantitative Methods, Kent State University
  • M.A., Child Clinical Psychology, Kent State University
  • B.A., Psychology with a Minor in Mathematics, Northwestern University
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist in California (CAPSY28783)


Research Interests and Specializations

  • Development, testing, and implementation of evidence-based interventions in community service settings
  • Examination and incorporation of mechanisms impacting the etiology and effective treatment of children's behavioral health conditions
  • Reduce disparities in access to quality care for underserved or underrepresented populations

Clinical Interests and Specializations

  • Providing evidence-based services to children with neurodevelopment and mental health conditions and their family, including psychotherapy and assessements
  • Teaching and providing clinical supervision in the use of evidenced-based services for youth and their families

Awards & Honors

  • National Institute of Mental Health Career Development Award (NIMH K23MH115100; PI: Dickson) Adapting an ASD Executive Functioning Intervention for Implementation in Children's Mental Health Service
  • San Diego State University, University Grants Program. (PI: Dickson). Characterizing Adaptations to an Autism Executive Functioning Intervention to Guide Community Implementation


Courses Taught:

  • CFD 792: Clinical Field Experience
  • CFD 580: Observation and Assessment
  • CSP 618: Mental Health Recovery and the DSM


 EFFECT (Executive Functioning for Enhancing Community-based Treatment) Lab

The EFFECT Lab focuses on bridging the gap bridging the gap between research on high quality interventions for children and the implementation of those interventions in community settings such as mental health services. This lab is dedicated to community-partnered implementation research aiming to develop and test effective services for youth as well as effective professional development for treatment providers. Current projects include:
1) A National Institute of Mental Health Career Development Award (NIMH K23MH115100) awarded to Dr. Dickson to adapt and test an executive functioning intervention for youth with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) for implementation in children's mental health services.
2) A University Grants Program Award awarded to Dr. Dickson aiming to characterize adaptations to an evidenced-based executive functioning intervention to support delivery across community health settings serving youth with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
As part of the EFFECT Lab, students learn about best-practices for behavioral health conditions, the processes of adaptations of interventions for community settings, and the field of services and implementation science.
For more information regarding the EFFECT Lab, contact Dr. Kelsey S. Dickson ([email protected]). 


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