How to use Google Groups like a shared departmental email account




Initial Google Group Setup

Accepting Invitations

How to send and reply using a Group Email Address

Initial Google Group setup

Step 1: Request Google Groups from ITUS help desk.

To request access to google groups, go to the provided link. (You might need to sign in with your SDSUid account.)
https://sdsuedu.sharepoint. com/sites/ETS/SitePages/CC/ GoogleGSuite/GoogleGroups.aspx
And then scroll down until you see "Google Group Request Form".
Click on it, then follow the respective instructions provided 

DISCLAIMER: As a Google Group manager, you are responsible for adding and removing users. All changes must be documented in a change log.

Step 1

sTEP 2:

Open your SDSU Gmail (Your email account)


Click on the tile symbol next to your profile picture, then click on "Groups"

Groups Image 2

Step 4:

Click on "My Groups." Next click on the group name that you have requested. You should be listed as a manager.

Groups 3

Step 5: 

Click on the cog symbol underneath your profile picture, and then click on "Group settings"

Step 6:

Click on "Permissions" then click on "Posting Permissions"

Groups 4

Step 7:

In the "Post" section, click on "Select groups of users" and then check all the boxes.

NOTE: If "Anyone on the web" is not checked, users will not be able to receive verification emails.Groups 5

Step 8:

Click on "Members" then on "Invite Members"

Groups 6

Step 9:

Type the email addresses of the users you want joined to the group. Include a brief message for them, then click "Send invites"

Groups 7A

Accepting Group Invitations

Each user who wants to receive and reply to email using the Google Group email address must follow these steps.
Step 1:

Go to your SDSU email inbox, and open the invitation email from the Google Group.

Groups 7B

Step 2:

Click the blue button titled "Accept Invitation"

Groups 7

Step 3:

Go back to your inbox. Next click on the cog symbol underneath your profile picture and click on "Settings"

Groups 8

Step 4:

Click on "Accounts" and then click "Add another email address"

Group 9

Step 5: 

A pop-up window will appear. Type in the name of the Google Group and the Group's email address. UNCHECK "Treat as an alias." Click "Next Step" when done.

Group 9

Step 6:

Click "Send Verification." You will also receive a verification code.

Groups 11

Step 7:

Go back to your inbox to find the email containing the verification (confirmation) code

Groups 11A

Step 8:

You may click the link provided in the email sent, OR you may enter the confirmation code in the pop up menu that is still open.

Groups 11B

Group 12

How to send or reply to an email using the Google Group email address

When composing an email or reply, click on the "From" bar, then click on the Group's email address.

NOTE: You must "Reply to all" OR CC the Google Group email address in order for all Group users to recieve the email

Group 13

If you would like assistance in completing these steps, please email the COE Technology Help Desk at [email protected]