Donor Walls, Past Years

Donors make a Difference! View donor walls honoring our generous donors from years past.

2016–2017 Donor Wall

These gifts were made specifically to the College of Education between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. If you feel you should be on this list or are listed improperly, please call 619-594-2277. We apologize for any errors.

* Acknowledges College of Education faculty, staff, or faculty emeritus.


California Comm. Access Foundation
California Community Foundation
College Futures Foundation
Dr. Eli B. Comay and
Mrs. Helen G. Comay
Lawrence & Opal Maletta
Scholarship Trust
Passion Planner, LLC
Dr. Leonard Pellettiri and
Ms. Mary B. Rose
Price Philanthropies Foundation
*Dr. Ian R. Pumpian and
Mrs. Ann Pumpian
Qualcomm Incorporated
Mrs. Jane F. Robison
Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Sinegal
Stuart Foundation
Mr. Gabriel Urias and
*Dr. Marissa Vasquez Urias
The Wallace Foundation
Mr. David E. Want and
Mrs. Catherine Want

PATRON $1,000–$9,999

*Dr. Brock S. Allen and
*Mrs. Barbara E. Allen
AVID Center
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Baier
Calif. Retired Teachers Association
Mr. Robert C. Garvie
*Dr. Frank Harris, III
Ms. Pia Harris-Ebert
Mr. Larry H. Holt and
Mrs. Carol Lynn Baird Holt
Mr. Terrell Lindsey
*Dr. Lisa F. McCully and
Mr. Todd J. McCully
National Philanthropic Trust
Ms. Adeline Navarra Williams
Mrs. Audrey Pine
Mrs. Sharon Jasek Reid
Thomas G. & Audrey Pine Foundation
*Dr. Joseph F. Johnson, Jr. and
*Dr. Cynthia Uline
*Dr. J. Luke Wood

ASSOCIATE $100–$999

Mr. Bryce J. Bacher
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Bainum
Ms. Barbara L. Bates
Ms. Laurel K. Beale
Ms. Valerie A. Bebout
Ms. Patricia A. Bender
*Dr. Nadine Bezuk and
Dr. Steve J. Bezuk
Ms. Sheila R. Bhalla
Ms. Eileen M. Black
Mr. Gordon J. Blackwood and
Mrs. Mary Blackwood
Mrs. Donna L. Bowers
Mr. Robert Branski and
Mrs. Irene Branski
Dr. James C. Canady
Mr. Kevin P. Carney
*Dr. Tamara Collins-Parks
Mr. David K. Cook
Mrs. Janice L. Cook and
Mr. Darrel W. Cook
Mr. Patrick Day and
Mrs. Marianne E. Day
Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. DeMitchell
Estate of Marian K. Van Kirk
Ms. Eva N. Esteban
Mrs. Annette L. Fargo and
Mr. Dean Fargo
Mr. James E. Fiedler and
Ms. Ingrid Jo Haas
Mr. Edward S. Fletcher
Mrs. Allyson B. Frasure
Mrs. Grace O. Fukushima
*Dr. Sharan A. Gibson
Ms. Cynthia P. Gilham
Mrs. Marianne C. Hall
*Ms. Amy Harmon
Mr. John R. Hayes and
Mrs. Karen S. Hayes
Mr. Patrick J. Heacock and
Mrs. Lizbeth L. Heacock
Mr. John R. Heckman and
Mrs. Kris Heckman
Mr. Samuel F. Hoffman and
Mrs. Joyce M. Hoffman
Mr. Albert L. Ickstadt and
Mrs. Gwendolyn A. Ickstadt
Mrs. Judith M. James
Mrs. Rosemary L. Jasper
Mr. Ronald Eugene Jorgensen
*Ms. Sandra L. Kahn
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Kern
Mr. Gerald Kirk and
Mrs. Patricia B. Kirk
Mrs. Andrea A. Klinenberg and
Mr. Edward Klinenberg
Mr. Thomas Klipp
Ms. Martha L. Kolb
*Dr. Lisa Lamb
Mr. Albert Lantz
Dr. Mary Lawlor
Mr. Jonathan William Layton and Mrs. Robin Glickman Layton
Mr. Wei-Lin Lei
Mr. David F. Little and
Ms. Norma P. Little
*Mrs. Jarleen Haney-Littrell and
Mr. John Littrell
*Dr. Marilee Bresciani Ludvik
Mrs. Joanne D. Marugg and
Mr. Martin Marugg, Jr.
Dr. Roderick R. Matheson
Mr. Richard T. McCormick
Ms. Madeline E. McDowell
Ms. Savannah Teresa McCully
Mr. Denis M. McDevitt and
Mrs. Mary S. McDevitt
Dr. Gilbert Mendez
*Dr. Lionel R. Meno
Ms. Marilyn D. Metzler
Ms. Susan Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Weiss
Mrs. Norma A. Mulligan
Mr. Scott Y. Nishisaka
Ms. Patti O’Leary
Mrs. Tracy A. Petti
Mr. Daniel R. Phillips
Ms. Rosalba M. Ponce
Rancho Santa Fe Foundation
Mr. Edward W. Robinson
Dr. Michael B. Ruef
Ms. Maria Del Carm Ruiz
Mrs. Joyce E. Russell
Mr. I. Manuel Sanchez and
Mrs. Frances Gloria Sanchez
Sanderson Family Donor
Advise Fund
Mrs. Marilyn Y. Sasai
Mr. John E. Schmit
Becky and Donald Sciglimpaglia
Ms. Jana L. Severson
Mr. and Mrs. Dale C. Showman
Ms. Fay M. Sias
Mrs. Louise B. Simpson
*Dr. Melissa Soto
Mr. James Soule and
Mrs. Judith Soule
Fr. Matthew D. Spahr
Mr. Dwight A. Stanley and
Mrs. Sherry L. Stanley
Mrs. Terri A. Fay Strait
Dr. Joseph M. Suozzo, Jr.
Mr. Richard E. Sweet and
Mrs. Sara E. Sweet
Mr. Robert Jon Takeshta
Mr. William A. Truex and
Mrs. Mary B. Truex
Mr. Robert Truitt and
Mrs. Kathleen J. Truitt
*Dr. Mark S. Tucker
Ms. Sarah A. VanLoo
Mr. Stevan P. Vela
Ms. Joanne M. Wainscott
Mr. and Mrs. Rupert D. Walker
Mr. John W. Watson
Mr. Edward F. Widzon
Mr. Larry Willette and
Mrs. Katherine D. Willette
Mrs. Joyce M. Wright


Mr. John M. Artiaga
Ms. Diana Y. Bahena Coronel
Mrs. Joyce J. Bartos
Mrs. Sallie A. Bates
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Batliner
*Mrs. Megan N. Beardsley and
Mr. Adam M. Beardsley
Ms. Kathryn M. Bogomaz
Dr. Philip David Bowles and
Mrs. Sharon Bowles
Ms. Karen H. Brand-Rogoff
Ms. Sherri R. Brennan
Mrs. Joan Brice
Dr. Lila D. Bruckner
Mr. Paul Burton and
Mrs. Molly Burton
Ms. Kristen Kay Caldwell
Mr. Louis J. Canedo
Ms. Ellen M. Caprio
Mrs. Yao M. Chang
Ms. Maritza L. Chavarin
Ms. Karla R. Christensen
Ms. Carolyn T. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Bent D. Clausen
Mrs. Sandra K. Coler
Mrs. Marilyn A. Connolly
Mr. Ricardo Jean Cooke
Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Crosby
Mr. Jesus De La Pena
Ms. Betty Demarke
Mr. Brian J. Deyo
*Dr. Luke S. Duesbery
Ms. Jessye M. Duncan
Mr. Fabian Escobedo, Jr.
Ms. Jaime Erika Fagan
Mr. Eric Ricardo Felix
Mr. Peter R. Fink
Ms. Janet R. Frumhoff
Ms. Christina Yvonne Gallegos
*Dr. Lisa Gates
Mrs. Frances Marie Gentry
Mr. Marlow D. Gibby
Ms. Gisella M. Gigglberger
Mrs. Edith C. Gladden
Mr. Frank James Gladden
Mr. Gary A. Gleckman
Mr. Paul P. Gonzalez
Ms. Julissa V. Gracias
Dr. Tita Gray
Ms. Lois R. Gross
Mr. Harry L. Hale
Mrs. Virginia J. Hallerberg
Ms. Alva V. Hamilton
Ms. Danna L. Hansen
Ms. Holly Sue Harris
Mr. Jerry D. Hart
Ms. Catherine C. Hasler
Ms. Deniece Hasson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Hebert, Jr.
Mrs. Karen L. Henry
Mrs. Ernestine M. Herman and
Mr. Warren J. Herman
Dr. Charlotte E. Hibsch
Ms. Barbara L. Hightower
Mr. Charles J. Hoadley and
Mrs. Julia P. Hoadley
Ms. Roberta Houston
Ms. Beverly J. Hudson
*Dr. Colette L. Ingraham
*Dr. Cheryl M. James-Ward
Mr. Jose S. Jimenez
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Jones
Ms. Martha Ann King
Ms. Dorris Kingsbury
Ms. Jessica Kolodziej
Mr. Kevin D. Krumdieck and
Mrs. Sharon S. Krumdieck
Dr. Linda A. Lee
Sgt. Charles Lewis
Ms. Diane M. Ley
Ms. Janice A. Lindgren
Mr. and Mrs. Farquhar Lloyd
Ms. Naida Malchiodi
Ms. Emily G. Martin
Mr. Gregory Martin and
*Mrs. Andrea Saltzman Martin
Ms. Dora M. McCollim
Ms. Rita K. McCrerey
Ms. Sharmel G. McCarthy
Ms. Lucienne C. McCauley
Mrs. Carol H. McClure
Mrs. Bonnie J. Mendenhall
Ms. Margaret Mercieca
Mr. William T. Mitrovich and
Mrs. Martha G. Mitrovich
Ms. Joann Morrison
Ms. Mary C. Morse
Mrs. Mardi Lynn Musick
Ms. Greta K. Nagel
Ms. Joann Alice Nelson
Mr. Verdell E. Nelson
Mr. Rory K. O’Connor and
Mrs. Linda K. O’Connor
Ms. Maria Alejandra Ortiz
Mr. Larry R. Osa
Ms. Cheryl Jakle Owens
Ms. Delores A. Paredes
Mrs. Carol C. Patrick and
Mr. Lawrence G. Patrick
*Ms. Christie M. Pearson
Dr. Anne Marie Peña
Ms. Morgan Marie Phillips
Mr. Brian W. Pike
Mr. James D. Plough and
Mrs. Barbara L. Plough
Mrs. Sheryl H. Radomski
Ms. Susan E. Rau
Mr. and Mrs. Louis D. Regas
Mr. Kiefer D. Rich
Mr. Timothy W. Ripke and
Ms. Tamara Charlene Ripke
Ms. Raquel A. Roybal
Mrs. Gina C Saclauso-Caro
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Schecter
Mr. Donald P. Scott
Ms. Margaret Shanklin
Ms. Sandra Shows
Mr. Donald A. Stewart Jr., and
Ms. Caroline R. Stewart
Ms. Maria P. Stringfellow
Carolyn Sullivan
Mr. Ronald L. Svalstad and
Ms. Marilyn D. Svalstad
Mrs. Carol E. Telle
Ms. Joan D. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Olin H. Towler
*Mr. Manuel Uribe
Ms. Lily C. Viera
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Weckerly
Ms. Mary K. Wehner
Mr. James Larry Weuve
Ms. Gail P. Whitright
*Ms. Stacy J. Wible and
*Mr. William W. Wible
Ms. Eileen L. Williams
Ms. Pamela R. Woodberry
Ms. Maria E. Zumaya

Donor Wall, 2014-2015

Our accomplishments are due, in part, to the generosity of those listed on the Donor Wall.  Thanks sincerely for helping us make a difference!

These gifts were made specifically to the College of Education between July 1, 2014 and August 13, 2015. If you feel you should be on this list or are listed improperly, please call 619-594-2277. We apologize for any errors.

Benefactor $10,000+

Anonymous Donor
The California Endowment
Joan F. Curry, Ph.D.
GENEX Services, LLC
Lawrence and Opal Maletta
Scholarship Trust
Estate of Barbara Meyers
Michigan College Access Network
Price Philanthropies Foundation
Qualcomm Incorporated
Mrs. Sharon Jasek Reid
Ms. Carla Roddy
San Diego Gas & Electric

Patron $1,000 –$9,999

Achieve 3000
Mr. Neil Alger
Anonymous Donor
AVID Center
Ben Ziri Caravan No. 218
Boys and Girls Aid Society of SD
Calif. Retired Teachers Association
College Board
Mrs. Diane Dammeyer and
Mr. Rod Dammeyer
Down Syndrome Association of
San Diego
Ms. Pia Ebert-Harris
The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego
Mrs. Judith M. James
Dr. Joseph F. Johnson, Jr. and
Dr. Cynthia L. Uline
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Mr. Kyle Martinez
Mr. Jack R. McGrory
Mrs. Ruthann M. Mercer and
Mr. Thomas M. Mercer
National Assoc. for
College Admissions
Order of Alhambra
Dr. Lynne G. Perez and Mr. Ray Perez
Mrs. Audrey Pine
Thomas G. and Audrey Pine
Raytheon Company
Mrs. Wendy Sue Reynolds and
Mr. Richard K. Reynolds
Mrs. Carole C. Sachs
University of California, Los Angeles
Walton Family Foundation Inc.

Associate $100 –$999

Mrs. Florence R. Abels and
Mr. LaVerne J. Abels
Mr. Robert Alger
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Austin
Ms. Laurel K. Beale
Ms. Eileen M. Black
Mr. Willie J. Buchanon
Ms. Tracy L. Canalez and
Mr. Simon R. Canalez
Carlston Family Foundation
Ms. Laura C. Collins
Mr. Darrel W. Cook and
Mrs. Janice L. Cook
Mr. David K. Cook
Ms. Kirsten R. Cooper
Mr. Scott A. Crispell
Miss Erin A. Cronin
Mrs. Robin A. Currie and
Mr. Scott C. Currie
Mrs. Barbara R. Davis and
Mr. Richard G. Davis
Mrs. Marianne E. Day and
Mr. Patrick Day
Mrs. Terri A. DeMitchell and
Mr. Todd A. DeMitchell
Ms. Abigail Edelman
Mr. Edward S. Fletcher
Dr. Nancy E. Frey
Mrs. Margaret Geisler and
Mr. Arthur J. Geisler
Mrs. Joline Gesino
Ms. Jaime Gesundheit
Dr. Sharan A. Gibson
Ms. Cynthia P. Gilham
Mr. Richard Goodwin
Dr. Susan P. Gray
Ms. Judith Grossman
Mrs. Susan E. Hancock
Mrs. Charlie Haney-Littrell
Mrs. Amy Harmon
Mrs. Mary Ellen Harris and
Mr. Jerry Harris
Mrs. Karen S. Hayes and
Mr. John R. Hayes
Mrs. Kris Heckman and
Mr. John R. Heckman
Mrs. Susan I. Hori
Ms. Deborah A. Huggins
Mrs. Margaret F. Ikeda
Mr. Ronald Eugene Jorgensen
Mrs. Jean A. Kern and Mr. Bruce R. Kern
Kerry Kohnen
Ms. Martha L. Kolb
Dr. Lisa Lamb
Dr. Mary Lawlor
Mr. Benjamin Lehrer
Mr. Michael Lehrer
Mr. Wei-Lin Lei
Ms. Norma P. Little
Mr. John Littrell
Ms. Mary F. Loso
Mr. Roger Lowitz
Dr. Marilee Bresciani Ludvik
Maine Avenue Tax Service
Mrs. Joanne D. Marugg and
Mr. Martin Marugg, Jr.
Mrs. Marcia A. Mautner and
Dr. Thomas S. Mautner
Mr. Richard T. McCormick
Ms. Nancy L. McCreary
Dr. Lisa F. McCully
Ms. Mary Meier
Dr. Lionel R. Meno
Dr. Joseph R. Merz
Ms. Marilyn D. Metzler
Ms. Susan Mitchell
Ms. Jessica Modrall
Mrs. Georgina Montano-Weiss
Mr. Ryan Moya
Mrs. Norma A. Mulligan
Ms. Lizette Najera and
Mr. Daniel J. Montoya
Mrs. Candy E. Nelson and
Mr. Jerry E. Nelson
Mr. Scott Y. Nishisaka
Mr. Roy J. Patterson
Mrs. Tracy A. Petti
Mr. Daniel R. Phillips
Mr. Louis D. Regas and
Mrs. Nancy L. Regas
Ms. Lori R. Sams
Mrs. Marcia J. Schultz
Dr. Tonya R. Schultz
Mr. William C. Schultz
Ms. Jana L. Severson
Mrs. K. Jean Sherburne
Mrs. Judith Soule and
Mr. James Soule
Mrs. Sherry L. Stanley and
Mr. Dwight A. Stanley
Helen Steel
Mr. James F. SullivanDr.
Joseph M. Suozzo, Jr.
Mrs. Sara H. Sweet and
Mr. Richard E. Sweet
Mr. Robert Jon Takeshta
Mrs. Kathleen J. Truitt and
Mr. Robert Truitt
Ms. Aileen Turnier
Ms. Lily C. Viera
Ms. Joanne M. Wainscott
Mrs. Gloria A. Walton
Mr. John W. Watson
Ms. Emilee Watts
Mr. Jeffrey A. Weiss
Mr. Edward F. Widzon
Mrs. Joyce M. Wright
Mrs. Kelly Wright and
Mr. Philip T. Wright

Contributor $5 –$99

ACSA Region 18 Superintendents
Mrs. Florina M. Agudelo
Ms. Alejandra Aguilar
Ms. Martha P. Ahumada
Jeffrey A. Alstot
Ms. Adriana Rae Anderson
Ms. Diane R. Arnold
Mr. John M. Artiaga
Ms. Ann S. Asaro
Ms. Lidya Paola Barrios-Mendoza
Mrs. Joyce J. Bartos
Mrs. Megan N. Beardsley
Ms. Christina L. Behrendt
Mr. Robert Beiser
Ms. Kristina Bell
Mrs. Marie Berry and Mr. Peter Berry
Ms. Annabel M. Bianes
Ms. Mary S. Birmingham
Ms. Kathryn M. Bogomaz
Mrs. Sharon Bowles and
Dr. Philip David Bowles
Ms. Karen M. Brennan
Mrs. Joan Brice
Ms. Dorothy Brito
Ms. Jessica Maureen Brown
Ms. Kristina Nicole Isalene Brown
Ms. Sandra I. Brown
Dr. Lila D. Bruckner
Ms. Wendy Burge
Mrs. Molly Burton and
Mr. Paul E. Burton
Mr. Cody Craig Campbell
Mr. Louis J. Canedo
Ms. Ellen M. Caprio
Jaime Carlson
Mrs. Yao M. Chang
Ms. Dale Louise Chastain
Ms. Amy Choi
Ms. Kelly Clasen
Ms. Mary L. Clingman
Mr. Kenneth B. Colclasure
Mrs. Barbara Shawn Collins
Ms. Michelle Collins
Ms. Julie Conner
Ms. Hillary Cookler
Mr. William E. Coop
Mrs. Kristen A. Cooper and
Mr. James A. Cooper
Mr. Michael A. Costello
Ms. Jessica M. Crider
Mr. Jesus De La Pena
Ms. Jemima Del Monaco
Mr. Christopher Nunez Delacruz
Ms. Betty Demarke
Mr. Tim Deminico
Mrs. Marlene U. Dobbs
Ms. Lindsay Nicole Dyer
Mr. Josh Earn
Eastern Bank
Ms. Laura D. Edwards
Ms. Kathleen Ehrlich
Mr. Alisina Salmanali Eiwazali
Ms. Shoshana Enelow
Mr. Alexander Evans
Ms. Eileen P. Evans
Fallbrook Union High School
Ms. Christina M. Fink
Mr. Peter R. Fink
Ms. Julie M. Forrey
Ms. Janet R. Frumhoff
Ms. Isis Yamile Garcia
Ms. Geraldine Geis
Mrs. Frances Gentry
Ms. Daniela Gesundheit
Ms. Gisella M. Gigglberger
Mrs. Elizabeth Riel Gillingham and
Dr. Robert H. Gillingham
Ms. Laurel Jean Glover
Ms. Mary A. Goins
Ms. Erika Cecilia Gonzalez
Ms. Lois R. Gross
Mr. Phil Grossfield
Ms. Rebecca Grossman-Cohen
Ms. Carol Ann Gucwa
Ms. Pearl G. Guerrero
Mr. Eugene P. Haag
Mr. Harry L. Hale
Mrs. Tana E. Ham and Mr. Michael L. Ham
Ms. Clara J. Hanline
Mr. Jerry D. Hart
Ms. Sue A. Haverkamp
Mrs. Karen L. Henry
Dr. Charlotte E. Hibsch
Mr. Don G. Hinsvark
Mrs. Julia P. Hoadley
Dr. Leon C. Hoffman
Ms. Amy S. Holguin
Ms. Roberta Houston
Mrs. Helen M. Hoyle
Beverly J. Hudson-Glover
Ms. Rachelle M. Hunter
Dr. Colette L. Ingraham
Ms. Sharon A. Ingram
Mr. Damien Jackson
Mr. Jose S. Jimenez
Mr. John N. Jones
Mrs. Diane B. Kamali
Ms. Penny Margaret Karlberg
Mrs. Margaret A. Katleman
Ms. Shirley Kim
Ms. Martha Ann King
Ms. Dorris Kingsbury
Mrs. Abby Klaasmeyer and
Mr. Jim Klaasmeyer
Ms. Karen Shannon Koch
Ms. Jessica Koslow
Ms. Fatima Rocabo Larcome
Ms. Daphne Denise Leake
Ms. Isabel Hyun Lee
Dr. Linda A. Lee
Mr. David Lehrer
Ms. Janice A. Lindgren
Betty J. Lively
Ms. Marykate Locantore
Ms. Elaine Loo
Mr. Brad Loose
Ms. Sarahfina Vaiauro Luuga
Ms. Patricia C. MacIntyre
Ms. Jennifer Maldonado
Ms. Catherine Manzo
Ms. Emily G. Martin
Mrs. Eileen E. McAulay and
Mr. Martin R. McAulay
Ms. Lucienne C. McCauley
Mr. Ryan McCostlin
Mr. Bruce R. McGirr
Ms. Janice K. McKeon and
Mr. George W. McKeon
Ms. Moriah Ann Mcveagh
Dr. Dimaris E. Michalek
Mrs. Martha G. Miltrovich and
Mr. William T. Mitrovich
Ms. Patricia A. Mohr
Mrs. Geraldine C. Morrison
Ms. Joann Morrison
Mrs. Debbie A. Morse and
Mr. Larry S. Morse
Ms. Mary C. Morse
Ms. Alicia Mary Munoz
Mrs. Mardi Lynn Musick
Ms. Greta K. Nagel
Ms. Joann Alice Nelson
Mr. Verdell E. Nelson
Mrs. Suzann M. Norton
Ms. Mollie Leola O’Callaghan
Mrs. Linda K. O’Connor and
Mr. Rory Kevin O’Connor
Ms. Delores A. Paredes
Ms. Gopa Patnaik
Ms. Anne Marie Pena
Ms. Rebecca Pfiffner
Ms. Jana Lynn Pierce
Mr. Brian W. Pike
Ms. Linda L. Piro-Duke
V. Elaine Porter
Ms. Nidya Y. Ramirez
Ms. Annette Marie Rea
Ms. Teresa Riddle
Ms. Susanna E. Rios
Ms. Connie E. Rochelle-Gambino
Mr. Ronald C. Royer
Ms. Martha P. Rubalcava
Mr. Alan L. Sachrison
Mrs. Lynn Sachrison
Mrs. Pamela R. Scalf
Mr. John E. Schmit
Sempra Energy
Ms. Sandra Shows
Mr. Devon Smith
Mr. Donald Smith
Ms. Sarah Smith
Ms. Rachel Sara Stein
Mr. Joel Steinhaus
Mrs. Michelle Stewart
Ms. Carolyn Sullivan
Ms. Marilyn D. Svalstad and
Mr. Ronald L. Svalstad
Mr. Robert H. Switzler
Ms. Kimberly M. Swoboda
Ms. Stacy Szymaszek
Dr. Gregory A. Talavera
Ms. Isadora Tang
Ms. Teri J. Tatu
Mrs. Neda Teichman
Mrs. Carol E. Telle
Mrs. Pamela J. Thell
Mr. Jerry D. Thomas
Ms. Caitlin Thompson
Ms. Joan D. Thompson
Thomson Reuters
Mrs. Patricia A. Trandal
Mrs. Mary B. Truex and
Mr. William A. Truex
Dr. Mark S. Tucker
Mr. Vincent Turner
Ms. Gretchen Uhlinger
Mr. Manuel Uribe
Mrs. Marjorie Van Gessel and
Mr. Lyle Van Gessel
Ms. Sarah A. VanLoo
Ms. Rachel Michelle Vaughn
Ms. Rashelle Nicole Vicars
Mrs. Connie Lee Vogt and
Mr. Ronald G. Vogt
Mrs. Karen K. Waldrop and
Mr. Bill Waldrop
Ms. Tina Walia
Mrs. Gail M. Walker and
Mr. R. D. Walker
Ms. Dorothy T. Welch
Mr. Bruce Welte
Mr. Allan E. Wendt
Mrs. Elizabeth B. White
Mr. Kyle Whitney
Miss Gail P. Whitright
Ms. Stacy J. Wible
Mrs. Carol A. Williams and
Mr. Richard A. Williams
Ms. Helen Wills
Tina J. Wirth
Ms. Pamela R. Woodberry
Mr. Michael Wozniak
Ms. Linda Yang
Ms. Maria E. Zumaya