Credential Program Completion Process

College of Education Office for Student Success

All credential program students must apply for credential review through the College of Education's Office for Student Success in order to be recommended to the CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) for the credential. Students who are completing a Master’s degree in addition to a credential must also apply for graduation through the university.

Application Deadlines

For credential candidates (other than those pursuing Internship Credentials), application materials for credential evaluation and recommendation should be submitted while the candidate is enrolled in the last semester of the credential program.
Fall semester finishers
September 30*
Spring semester finishers
February 15*

* Note: If date above falls on a weekend or a holiday, then the application due date will be the following weekday.

Review Process

Credential requests are evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis. Requests may be submitted after the above listed dates and will be processed in the order they are received, but will not receive priority processing. Credential Analysts in the Office for Student Success review the application documents, verify eligibility, and submit recommendations for credentials using the online CCTC processing system. Credential requests submitted with coursework in progress will be partially processed, then held for the final review at the end of the semester. Credential recommendation will then be completed at the end of the semester when final grades have been posted and all requirements of the program have been met.

If additional information is required, certification staff will communicate by email and identify a date by which the additional information should be submitted. If the additional materials are not provided by the specified time, the application will be canceled. A subsequent credential request with required payment will need to be submitted.

How to Submit your Credential Request Form

laptop showing form

Step 1: Complete credential request form

Complete the Credential Request Form. You may include any required items on the checklist, if not previously submitted to us. Additional documents/items not yet completed at the time you file can be submitted to us before the end of the semester.

laptop showing signed form

Step 2: Electronically sign form

Electronically sign your request and click on “Sign Form” to send in your request.

laptop showing @ symbol

Step 3: Validate email address

To successfully send your request electronically to the Office for Student Success, you must validate your email address as the final step to confirm submission of your request.

Please check your email immediately after you click on “SIGN Form” and look for an email from [email protected]. (Note: This email may be filtered to your junk or spam folder.)

Choose the Right Form

Refer to the chart below and choose the credential request form for your program:

Nhung (Ann) Nguyen
[email protected]

  • STE—Preliminary Single and Multiple Subject
  • STE—Reading Literacy and Leadership & Reading Literacy Added Authorization
  • CSP—PPS School Psychology (Clear and Intern)
  • CSP—PPS School Counseling
Credential Request Form (all except internship)
Credential Request Form (internship only)

Christie Pearson Wohlwend
[email protected]

  • DLE—Preliminary Single and Multiple Subject & Bilingual Added Authorizations
  • SPED—Preliminary, Intern and Induction (ECSE, Mild to Moderate Support Needs, Extensive Support Needs)
  • EDL—Preliminary and Clear Administrative Services Credential
  • HHS—Speech Language Pathology & PPS School of Social Work
Credential Request Form (all except internship)
Credential Request Form (internship only)

Contact Us

If you need assistance, please contact the credential analyst responsible for your file.

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