Transfer CA Certification to Another State

Learn how to transfer your CA certification to another state (out-of-state form request).

How to Submit Out-of-State Form

To transfer your CA certification to another state, using the online out-of-state transfer of license request form, follow the steps below:

Online formStep 1: Complete out-of-state form

Complete the out-of-state form and attach your request verification form.

Sign formStep 2: Electronically sign form

Electronically sign your request and click on “Sign Form” to send in your request.

Verify emailStep 3: Validate email address

To successfully send your request electronically to the Office for Student Success, you must validate your email address as the final step to confirm submission of your request.

Please check your email immediately after you click on “SIGN Form” and look for an email from [email protected] (Note: This email may be filtered to your junk or spam folder.)