Gregory Wilson, Ed.D.

Gregory Wilson
  • Acting Director and Graduate Adviser, Master of Arts Specialization in Student Affairs in Postsecondary Education
  • Administration, Rehabilitation, and Postsecondary Education


Dr. Gregory Wilson is a lecturer in the Department of Administration, Rehabilitation and Postsecondary Education where he teaches or has taught courses on research methods, research writing, and education finance, law, and policy.

Dr. Wilson's research interests include concepts of integrative learning and engagement, the application of emergent technologies in student learning and development, best practices in institutional planning and research, and academic and administrative program assessment.

Wilson completed his B.A. at The Ohio State University and both his M.A. in education with a specialization in postsecondary education and his Ed.D. with a concentration in community college/postsecondary leadership at SDSU.

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