CABWARE firmly believes gaps in education and mental wellness within the Black community stem from anti-black racism deeply rooted in all sectors of our education and health care systems. That belief drives our mission to close the achievement and wellness gaps for the Black community by disrupting anti-black racist ideologies, discourses, and practices in education and mental wellness.

Image Name Title Office Phone Email
Zemed Berhe, Ph.D. Zemed Berhe, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Counseling and Psychological Services [email protected]
Lauren L. Brown, Ph.D., MPH Lauren L. Brown, Ph.D., MPH Assistant Professor, School of Public Health [email protected]
Naomi Campbell Naomi Campbell Second Year Undergraduate, Political Science
LaShae Collins, M.A. LaShae Collins, M.A. Professor, Department of Africana Studies [email protected]
Kimberley A. Folkes-Dunkley Kimberley A. Folkes-Dunkley Graduate Student, Joint Ph.D. Program in Education [email protected]
Fatima Haghi Fatima Haghi Graduate Student, School Counseling Program [email protected]
Jonathan Henderson Jonathan Henderson Graduate Student, Community College Leadership Program [email protected]
Frank Harris, III, Ed.D. Frank Harris, III, Ed.D. Professor LH-225A 619-594-1551 [email protected]
Nola Butler-Byrd Nola Butler-Byrd, Ph.D. Associate Professor & Program Director, CBB NE-293 619-594-3128 [email protected]
Katheryne Leigh-Osroosh, Ph.D. Katheryne Leigh-Osroosh, Ph.D. Assistant Professor NE-288 619-594-0829 [email protected]
Sesen Negash Sesen Negash, Ph.D., LMFT Associate Professor & Director, MFT Program NE-187 619-594-1209 [email protected]
Rachael Stewart Rachael Stewart, Ed.D. Administrative Support Coordinator II NE-166A 619-594-1338 [email protected]
James Wright, Ph.D. James Wright, Ph.D. Assistant Professor NE-162L 619-594-3175 [email protected]
Estella Chizhik Estella Chizhik, Ph.D. Professor and Coordinator, Liberal Studies Program NE-79B 619-594-0971 [email protected]