Sascha Longstreth, Ph.D.

Sascha Longstreth, Ph.D.
  • Interim Chair and Associate Professor
  • Child and Family Development


  • Ph.D. Human Development and Education, University of California, Berkeley
  • M.A. Human Development and Education, University of California, Berkeley
  • B.A. Psychology, with Honors, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 
  • The Design of School-Wide Models for Supporting Young Children’s Social Competence and Addressing Challenging Behavior; Instruction of Families, Educators, and Other Caregivers in the Implementation of Positive Behavior Support; Using Relationship Styles Based on Attachment Theory to Improve the Quality of Caregiver-Child Interactions; Improving the Quality of Early Childhood Education Programming Through Pre-Service Teacher Education
  • Selected Publications

  • Garrity, S., Shapiro, A., Longstreth, S., & Garrison, J.M. (In press). Using a cultural communities lens to understand the beliefs of Latina Head Start teachers: The values of respeto and bien educado. Submitted to Early Childhood Research Quarterly.

  • Longstreth, S. & Garrity, S. (April, 2018). Effective Discipline Policies: How to Create a System that Supports Young Children’s Social Emotional Competence. Gryphon House Publishing: NC.

    Garrity, S., Longstreth, S., Linder, L. (2016). An examination of the quality of behavior guidance policies in NAEYC-accredited early care and education programs. Topics in Early Childhood Education, 37(2), 94-106.

    Garrity, S., Longstreth, S. (2016). How can high quality guidance policies be used to prevent and address challenging behaviors in the classroom? Child Care Information Exchange, 42-48.

    Longstreth, S., Garrity, S., Ritblatt, S.N., Kelsey Olson, K., Virgilio, V., Hilary Dinh, H., & Padamada, S. (2016). Teacher perspectives on the practice of continuity of care. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 30(4), 554-568.

    Garrity, S., Longstreth, S., Alwashmi, M. (2016). A qualitative examination of the implementation of continuity of care: An organizational learning perspective. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 36, 64-78.

    Ritblatt, S. & Longstreth, S. (2016). Understanding play behaviors in young children through the lens of attachment theory. Young Children.

    Garrity, S. & Longstreth, S. (2015). Using the Teaching and Guidance Policy Essentials Checklist to build and support effective early childhood systems. Early Childhood Education Journal, 44(3), 209-216.

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    Longstreth, S., Brady, S.J. & Kay, A. (2013). Discipline policies in early childhood education and care programs: Building an infrastructure for social and academic success. Early Education and Development, 24 (2), 253-271.

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    *Mitchell, S., Foulger, T.S., & Wetzel, K. (2009). The negotiated project approach: Project-based learning without leaving the standards behind. Early Childhood Education Journal, 36(4), 339-346.

    Perry, N. J., & Mitchell, S. (2008). Continuity and Change in Home Literacy Practices of Hispanic Families with Preschool Children. Journal of Early Child Development and Care, 178(1), 99-113.

    *Longstreth previously published under maiden name of Mitchell

  • Courses Currently Taught

  • CFD 499: Special Study
  • CFD 575: Public Policy and Professional Ethics in Child and Family Development
  • Courses Previously Taught

  • CFD 270: Human Development Across the Lifespan
  • CFD 275: Learning Environments and Developmentally Appropriate Practices 
  • CFD 353A: Parenting the Young Child 
  • CFD 370: Research, Assessment, and Evaluation of Children and Families
  • CFD 375A: Human Development and Learning: Infant/Toddler (Online and Face-to-Face)
  • CFD 377: Leadership and Adult Supervision in Child and Family Development Programs
  • CFD 378A: Laboratory Experiences: Infants/Toddlers (Internship Supervision)
  • CFD 378D: Laboratory Experiences with Children and Families (Internship Supervision)
  • CFD 475: Promoting Behavior Support and Classroom Organization in Early Childhood Settings
  • CFD 477: Administration of Child Development Programs 
  • CFD 560: Theories in Socio-Emotional Development
  • CFD 596: Observation and Assessment of Young Children’s Behavior 
  • CFD 598: Reflective Learning Portfolio
  • CFD 671: Positive Behavior Support (now Seminar in Supporting Early Childhood Mental Health)
  • CSP 610C: Determinants of Human Behavior and Development
  • CSP 623: Eco-behavioral Assessment and Intervention  

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