Griselda Palma, Ph.D.

Griselda Palma, Ph.D.
  • University Field Supervisor and Lecturer for the DLE Department
  • Dual Language and English Learner Education


  • Retired Bilingual Teacher of San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD);
  • Advocate and Researcher in (a) Biliteracy/Dual Language Education and (b) Educational Civil Rights of Ethno-Linguistic Minority Students and Parent Advocate; 
  • Latino Advisory Committee Member for the Superintendents of the San Diego Unified School District and the San Diego County Office of Education.

Additional Information: 

  • Avid Collector of Native American art and mythology;
  • Avid Collector of Día de Los Muertos artefacts;
  • Amateur Gourmet Cook and Bird Watcher;
  • Zoology Major and Animal Advocate

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