Sarah "Sally" Rice Fox, MA

Sally Rice Fox retired recently as a bilingual coordinator (specializing in world language, bilingual education, dual language, and English language development) at the San Diego County Office of Education from 2006-2018 with 27 years’ experience in public education.

At SDCOE, Sally’s work focus was to plan, design, and deliver professional learning related to language acquisition for teachers in English language development (ELD), dual language, and world language settings. Her initial focus was leading the 45-hour CTC-approved course on “SDAIE for Secondary” for veteran teachers to earn the EL authorization on their life credentials. From 2006-2013, she guided approximately 1,000 teachers through that process. She also led the County Office’s GLAD® training team as a certified trainer for OCDE (Orange County Department of Education) Project GLAD® (Guided Language Acquisition Design) from 2003 to the present. Sally has served on two California Department of Education committees: as a content expert for the Instructional Quality Commission for the ELA/ELD curriculum adoption in 2015, and as co-chair of the world language standards advisory committee in 2018. She served as a board member for the California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) from 2014-2016.

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