Svenna Pedersen, M.A.

Svenna Pedersen
  • ASL Coordinator and Lecturer
  • Dual Language and English Learner Education


Svenna Pedersen is a native Deaf American Sign Language (ASL) professor at several universities and colleges including, San Diego State University (SDSU) under the Dual Language of English Learners Education (DLE) Department. She also teaches at Gallaudet University, Mesa Community College, Grossmont College, and Southwestern College. She received her masters degree from Gallaudet University in Deaf Studies with the concentration in ASL Teaching. She teaches all levels of ASL and Deaf Culture courses. She also oversees the ASL proficiency assessment for SDSU students, for more information you can email her at [email protected].

  • DLE 101: American Sign Language Level One (Face to Face and Online courses)
  • DLE 102: American Sign Language Level Two (Face to Face and Online courses)
  • DLE 201: American Sign Language Level Three (Face to Face and Online courses)
  • MA in Deaf Studies, with an emphasis on American Sign Language TeachingGallaudet University , May 2007.
  • Bachelor of Arts, Communication StudiesGallaudet University, May 2005
  • Online DEFT Teaching Credential, Southwestern College, 2018
  • American Sign Language Proficiency Interview, Score 4+, 2016 
  • California Subject Examination for Teachers Single Subject World Languages: American Sign Language, 2014
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