Gregg Koyamatsu, M.A.


Operating Systems Analyst
Dean's Office



Primary Email: [email protected]


Primary Phone: 619-594-0751
Fax: 619-594-7410


North Education - 276
Mail Code: 1182


COE Faculty and Staff: For technical support from Gregg, please create a ServiceNow Service Portal incident.

After receiving his master's degree in educational technology, Gregg began working for San Diego State University. As an operating systems analyst for the College of Education, his primary responsibilities include assisting faculty and students in the College of Education Technology Labs, serving as server administrator for the web, database, domain, and file servers, and researching and upgrading technology facilities.

Gregg enjoys learning, using, and teaching new computer applications. His passions include basketball, pool, and mountain biking. He would eventually like to return to the Big Island of Hawaii with his wife, Maggie and the kids to fish and watch the sunset with a Pina Colada in his hand.