Jennifer Karnopp, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Educational Leadership

San Diego

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Dr. Jennifer Karnopp works with practitioners, researchers and students to enhance understandings of how to shape an educational system that meaningfully engages traditionally marginalized learners and their communities so that all students realize the positive outcomes of a quality, meaningful educational experience. Her research explores the intersection of leadership practice and organizational change for more equitable and inclusive educational systems. She is particularly interested in how routines and resource-access influence reform implementation; how local context shapes change processes; and inter-organizational approaches to change. Dr. Karnopp uses social network analysis as well as qualitative and mixed-methods research designs.


Journal Articles

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  • Karnopp, J. R. (2019). Undoing reform: How and why one school leader cleared a shifting path to goal attainment. Qualitative Report, 24(11), 2675-2692.
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