Letti Estrella, M.S., LMFT

Letti Estrella

AAMFT-approved Clinical Supervisor & Lecturer
Marriage and Family Therapy
Department of Counseling and School Psychology



Primary Email: [email protected]


North Education - 179
Mail Code: 1179


I am a bilingual licensed marriage and family therapist and an AAMFT-approved clinical supervisor candidate. I received a master of science degree in counseling with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy (MFT) from San Diego State University. I was born and raised in Veracruz, Mexico, and as an immigrant bilingual therapist, it is my honor and privilege to work with monolingual, Spanish-speaking communities. The focus of my work is to collaborate with these ethnically diverse communities using a postmodern framework, inspired mainly by Narrative and Collaborative Therapies. As a narrative-collaborative therapist, I am interested in providing services in ways that honor the person’s ethnic heritage with its practices and traditions and linguistic needs, which go beyond speaking the same language as the people who consult with me. Working with these diverse communities also provides me with an opportunity to keep connections with my ethnic background. As a bilingual supervisor, I like to collaborate with students in their therapeutic formation process to promote personal and professional growth in ways that respect their autonomy and authenticity.