Charles Edmund Degeneffe

Charles Edmund Degeneffe, Ph.D., MSSW, CRC

Department Chair & Professor

Administration, Rehabilitation, and Postsecondary Education

San Diego

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Selected Publications

  • Degeneffe, C. E., Tucker, M., Ross, M., & Umucu, E. (2023). The influence of state-level contextual factors on State/Federal System vocational rehabilitation employment outcomes for persons with traumatic brain injury. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, 66(2), 83–99.
  • Degeneffe, C. E. (2022). The Australian approach to acquired brain injury. Rehabilitation Research, Policy, and Education, 36(3), 178-196.
  • Degeneffe, C. E. (2021). Families of veterans with traumatic brain injury in Australia and the United States: Implications for rehabilitation counsellors. The Australian Journal of Rehabilitation Counselling, 27(2), 137-142.
  • Degeneffe, C. E. (2019). Understanding traumatic brain injury from a Gestalt approach. Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling, 50(4), 252-267.
  • Degeneffe, C. E. (2016). A clarion call for social work attention: Brothers and sisters of persons with acquired brain injury in the United States. Journal of Social Work in Disability and Rehabilitation, 15, 332-350.
  • Degeneffe, C.E., Tucker, M., & Griffin, J. (2015). Families of veterans with polytrauma injuries in the United States: A guide for rehabilitation counseling practice. In M. Millington and I. Marini (Eds.), Families in rehabilitation counseling: A community-based rehabilitation approach (pp. 213-230). New York: Springer Publishing Company.
  • Degeneffe, C. E. (2015). Planning for an uncertain future: Sibling and parent perspectives on future caregiving for persons with acquired brain injury. Journal of Rehabilitation, 81(4), 5-16.  
  • Degeneffe, C.E., Chan, F., Dunlap, L, Man, D., & Sung, C. (2011). Development and validation of the Caregiver Empowerment Scale: A resource for working with family caregivers of persons with traumatic brain injury. Rehabilitation Psychology, 56, 243-250.
  • Degeneffe, C. E. (2001). Family caregiving and traumatic brain injury.  Health and Social Work, 26 (4), 257-268.