Counseling and Trauma-informed Care

Image Name Title Office Phone Email
Justine Darling Justine Darling, Ph.D. Lecturer NE [email protected]
Mayumi Douglass Mayumi Douglass, M.S., LMFT. Lecturer-online, Fieldwork Supervisor (Spanish, English) NE [email protected]
Selam Gebrekristos Lecturer
Margaret Slaska Margaret Slaska, Ph.D., LMFT Director, Hybrid M.A. in Education (Counseling) AL-336 [email protected]
Akansha Vaswani Akansha Vaswani, M.S. Fieldwork Supervisor NE
Navid Zamani Navid Zamani, M.S., LMFT Lecturer NE

Building Abbreviations Used in this Directory

Building Abbreviation Building Name
AL Arts and Letters
NE North Education