School Counseling

Image Name Title Office Phone Email
Ricardo Cooke, Ph.D. Lecturer NE
Katheryne Leigh-Osroosh, Ph.D. Katheryne Leigh-Osroosh, Ph.D. Assistant Professor NE-288 619-594-0829 [email protected]
Courtney Lloyd, M.S. Lecturer NE
Joey Nuñez Estrada, Jr., Ph.D. Associate Professor & Director, School Counseling NE-289 619-594-1823 [email protected]
Laura Owen Laura Owen, Ph.D. Lecturer and Executive Director, Center for Equity and Postsecondary Attainment [email protected]
Vanessa Placeres Vanessa Placeres, Ph.D. Assistant Professor [email protected]
Lezya Weglarz Leyza Weglarz, M.S. Lecturer [email protected]
Traci Wilson, M.S. Lecturer NE

Building Abbreviations Used in this Directory

Building Abbreviation Building Name
NE North Education