STE Lecturers

Image Name Title Email
Liz Buffington Liz Buffington Lecturer: School of Teacher Education [email protected]
Iris Anderson, M.A. Lecturer [email protected]
Jeffrey Bonine, Ed.D. Lecturer [email protected]
Lisa Carney-Farwell, M.A. Lecturer [email protected]
Cathy Close Cathy Close Lecturer and Cohort Leader [email protected]
Julianne Cochran, M.A. Lecturer [email protected]
Douglas Coffin, M.A. Lecturer [email protected]
Gloria Davies, M.A. Gloria Davies, M.A. SDSU Faculty and Chula Vista Cohort Leader [email protected]
Kelly Leon, M.A. Kelly Leon, M.A. Lecturer, Generation Global Single Subject Credential Block Co-Leader, & CGEP Regional Director [email protected]
Amanda Matas, Ph.D. Lecturer [email protected]
Eric Nielsen, M.A. Lecturer [email protected]
Colby Nodurft Colby Nodurft Lecturer and Cohort Leader [email protected]
Rita Powell, M.A. Lecturer [email protected]
Elizabeth Rocio Weiss Lecturer and Cohort Leader [email protected]
Victoria Romero, M.A. Lecturer [email protected]
Ixchel Samson Ixchel Samson Lecturer and Cohort Leader [email protected]
Charles Schindler, M.A. Lecturer [email protected]
Al Schleicher, M.A. Lecturer [email protected]
Debora Tamanaja-Justeson, M.A. Lecturer [email protected]
Lori Tan, M.A. Lecturer [email protected]
Marisol Thayre, M.A. Lecturer [email protected]
Amy Vigil, M.A. Lecturer [email protected]
Laura Williams, M.A. Lecturer [email protected]
Larry Wilson, M.A. Lecturer [email protected]
Tyrus Woodard, M.A. Lecturer [email protected]

Building Abbreviations Used in this Directory

Building Abbreviation Building Name
EBA Education and Business Administration
NE North Education