Documentation for Student Teaching

Credential Program Materials

Preliminary Credential Admissions Requirements - Documentation for Student Teaching

This form is only required from applicants applying to the Single Subject Teaching credential.

Please download the form below and complete it with the subject courses you have taken for the Single Subject credential you are pursuing.  For example, if you are pursuing a Math teaching credential, please list any Math classes you took at a community college and/or University during your undergraduate career.  If you are pursuing a Social Science teaching credential, then please include any college courses you took that you believe is incorporated in Social Science--which could include History, Geography, Economics...

This document will be shared with faculty and cohort leaders within our program as well as professionals at the school site where you will be placed for student teaching.

Please upload the completed form as a Program Application form in the Cal State Apply application, Program Materials quadrant/box, Documents tab.

Download the form here: Documentation for Student Teaching