Prerequisite Courses for Bilingual Credential Program

Credential Program Materials

Learn about Prerequisite Courses and Course Equivalencies for the Bilingual Multiple and Single Subject preliminary credential program.

Prerequisite courses

The following courses must be completed, within the past 7 years, with a grade of “C”, "credit/pass" or better prior to entering the program. These courses cannot be taken concurrently with the program, but they may be in progress at the time of application (or taken in the summer prior to admission into the program).  

  • DLE 416, “Biliteracy Foundations for Teaching and Learning in Diverse Communities” (3 units)
  • ED 451, “Introduction to Multicultural Education” (3 units)
  • TE 280, “Health Education for Teachers” (1 unit) 
  • SPED 450, “Classroom Adaptations for Special Populations” (3 units) 
  • DLE 515, "Multilingual Educational Theory and Practice" (3 units)
  • MATH 210, “Structure and Concepts of Elementary Mathematics” (3 units) (Multiple Subjects Only)

Art applicants have 4 additional required pre-requisites: Art 385, Art 386A and B, and Art 387. These will be offered at SDSU in the Spring semesters and must be completed prior to starting the credential program.

If you are not in the San Diego area (or the Spring semester has already started) and need these courses, please email Stephanie Kearney at [email protected] for an alternative course.

Course Equivalencies

Course Equivalencies for San Diego Area Schools

The following table shows approved pre-requisites from other schools in the San Diego area.

Please Note: The courses listed below as credential program equivalents may or may not satisfy undergraduate degree requirements. Please see your undergraduate advisor for more details.

College/University ED 451 MATH 210 TE 280 SPED 450/500*
CSU San Marcos EDUC 364 MATH 210 EDUC 571 EDUC 501
Coastline Community College   Math C104 (online)    
Cuyamaca & Grossmont Colleges N/A MATH 125 HED 105 or 120 N/A
Feather River College   Math 150    
Imperial Valley College N/A MATH 110 HE 102 N/A

Mendocino College
(Bilingual applicants only)

EDU 130 N/A N/A EDU 103
Mira Costa College N/A MATH 105 HEAL 101 N/A
Mt. San Jacinto College N/A MATH 155 HS 121 N/A
National University TED 606 MTH 209A HED X1101X SPD 608
Palomar College N/A MATH 105 HE 100 or CHDV 120 N/A
Point Loma Nazarene University N/A MATH 213 FCS 315 EDU 404
San Diego Christian College N/A MA 303 BIO 300 N/A
San Diego Community Colleges (City/Mesa/Miramar) N/A MATH 210A HEAL 101, 190 or 195 N/A
Southwestern College N/A MATH 110 HLTH 101 N/A
UCSD EDS 117 or SOCI 117 N/A N/A N/A
UCSD Extension EDUC 31217 N/A EDUC 30057 EDUC 30146
University of Phoenix N/A MTH 213 N/A N/A
USD ED 381C MATH 200 N/A

EDSP 389

* these pre-req equivalents can only be used for Multiple and Single Subject credential applicants applying to the Bilingual (DLE) credential program. Special Education credential applicants must take SPED 450 (3 units) at SDSU.

Course Equivalencies for Other Schools

 Bilingual Credential applicants, if you need to submit a petition for a pre-requisite course please use the Bilingual Petition form. Please include a syllabus and unofficial transcript and/or other supporting documentation when submitting this form for department review. You can email the completed petition along with these documents to Stephanie Kearney at [email protected].


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