Prerequisite Courses for Special Education Credentials

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Learn about Prerequisite Courses for Special Education Preliminary Credential program.

Prerequisite courses

The following courses must be completed, within the past 7 years, with a grade of “C”, "credit/pass" or better prior to entering the program. These courses cannot be taken concurrently with the program (unless you are in the 4 semester program and have completed some, but not all of the prerequisites). These courses may be in progress at the time of application or taken in the summer prior to admission into the program.  

For all SPED credential programs the following classes are required:

  • SPED 450: Classroom Adaptations for Special Populations (3 units)
    (Note: if you have previously taken SPED 500, that will be accepted in lieu of SPED 450)
  • SPED 501: Typical & Atypical Learning Processes (3 units)
  • SPED 502: Field Experiences in General and Special Education (1 unit)
  • SPED 527: SPED in a Pluralistic Society (3 units)
  • DLE 915A: Teaching and Learning in the Content Area: ELD/SDAIE (3 units)

If you are applying to the Special Education, Early Childhood credential program, then you must take all the courses above and the following course.  This course can be taken in the first Fall semester in the credential program:

  • SPED 528: Young Children with Disabilities and their Families (3 units, offered in the Fall semester only)

Course Equivalencies for Other Schools

Special Education does NOT have a list of approved equivalent courses. If you have taken classes that you think are similar to these pre-requisites you can petition the course(s). To do so, complete the SPED petition form along with supporting materials (course syllabus & copy of transcript) for faculty review. These items can be emailed to Stephanie Kearney at [email protected].

Petition Form

SPED petition form

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