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What is Early Field Experience (EFE)?

All candidates must successfully complete a volunteer or paid observation and participation in a “regular” classroom (not a Special Ed class or after school program) in a public school within the past 7 years. The purpose is to get you into a classroom to see what a “day in the life of a teacher” is really about.

This requirement must be COMPLETE and may NOT be in progress when you submit your credential program application (unless being completed as a course during the Spring semester).

Intern Credential Request Form

Options for Completing This Requirement

There are several ways to complete this experience:

The following courses may be used to fulfill this requirement:

  • Multiple Subjects Credential Candidates: ED 200,  LS 300, or TE 362 (3-unit section)
  • Single Subject Credential Candidates: TE 362 (3-unit section)

The following majors have specialized Early Fieldwork Experiences built into the course of studies.

  • Creative and Performing Arts Majors TE 362- (3-unit section)
    • Music Education majors automatically meet the requirement. All other music majors should take TE 362 (3-unit section)

If you already hold a Bachelor's degree, you can use substitute teaching to meet this requirement (instead of the EFE Verification Form, you would upload copies of your pay stubs showing 45 hours completed).

The College of Education Office for Student Success (OSS) (LH-259) has a scanner available (free of charge) and can help you with this process.

You must complete 45 hours of observation in public California classrooms on your own in the grade level (s) and subject(s) in which you plan to teach. You must upload a completed “Early Field Experience” verification page to your Program application.

Early Field Experience Verification Form (PDF)

Note: If you have any teaching experience outside the classroom within the past 7 years (such as tutoring, coaching, international teaching experience, CTE teaching,  or private teaching experience), these hours can count for up to 15 of the 45 required hours.

Please include a letter or note in your application to document the completion of these hours in addition to the EFE Verification Form for the other 30 hours that would be required.

 Questions?  Contact our advisors at [email protected] if you have specific questions about your past early field experience.


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