Tuberculin Clearance - Negative TB Test

Credential Program Materials

Negative TB Test

Verification of a negative TB test (verification of no presence or active case of TB through PPD or Mantoux test), must be valid and on file throughout the credential program.

  • TB tests are valid for 4 years and can be taken at SDSU Student Health Services (for students currently enrolled at SDSU) or through any public health clinic, HMO, or private physician.
  • If you receive a positive skin test, then you will need to provide proof that your TB is not active by a doctor’s note or x-ray results.
  • You will need to upload proof of negative TB test to the Documents tab in the Program Materials box of the Cal State Apply application.

Please note that after admission to SDSU, SDSU Student Health Services will require you to provide immunization and TB records to them directly. We do not share this information with them.