Bachelor's Degree

Credential Program Materials

All credential candidates must have completed (or be in the process of completing) a Bachelor's degree program.

Students Completing Bachelor's at SDSU

If you are completing your degree at SDSU, no transcript is needed as we have access to this information.

Students Completing Bachelor's at a School Other than SDSU

If you are completing your B.A./B.S. at a school other than SDSU, then you will be required to provide:

  • one official transcript prior to the File Completion deadline (usually April 1), but AFTER submitting your Cal State Apply application to SDSU. 
  • If your degree is in progress at this time then an additional official transcript will be required after your degree has been awarded at your school. For more information see: How to Submit Test Scores and Transcripts.

International Degrees

If you earned your B.A./B.S. outside of the U.S., SDSU requires an official transcript and translation (if transcript is provided in a language other than English) along with the original degree document. In addition, the credential program requires an evaluation of your degree from an approved agency. The best agency to use is:

International Education Research Foundation, Inc (IERF)
Telephone: 310-258-9451
email: [email protected]

Please request the Detail Report with Course Level Identification.

If you have not had the evaluation done and you use this agency, SDSU can receive electronic documents directly from them including the evaluation and electronic copies of the official transcripts that you provide to IERF.