Exit Requirements

Credential Program Materials

Learn about additional exit requirements for those applying to the Preliminary Credential Program.

The following are not admission requirements, but they must be satisfied prior to being recommended for a Preliminary California Teaching Credential. Candidates who have not satisfied these requirements must take the appropriate coursework or examination while completing the teacher credential program.

1. Passing the TPA (Teaching Performance Assessment)

This is a performance exercise required for all credential candidates.  This is something that you will work on throughout the credential program at SDSU. You will be required to receive a passing score on all parts of this assessment to be eligible for a California credential. 

Multiple and Single Subject credential students in Teacher Education (STE) complete the Ed TPA:

Dual Language (DLE) and Special Education (SPED) credential students finishing Fall 2022 (and after) will complete the Cal TPA:

2. Passing Score on RICA (Reading Instruction Competence Assessment)

This test is taken during the program after your Reading Methods course. Multiple Subjects, Special Education Mild to Moderate Support Needs and Special Education Extensive Support Needs (formerly Moderate/Severe) candidates only.

3. U.S. Constitution

All credential candidates are required to verify completion of a collegiate-level course or examination covering the principles and provisions of the United States Constitution.  If you are a California State University (CSU) graduate, you have automatically met this requirement. Typically this requirement is satisfied by a general education course covering the colonial period of American history (through 1820) or a course covering American government and politics.  A grade of credit, “C” or better must be earned. The U.S. Constitution requirement for credentialing purposes may be different from the graduation requirement for the bachelor’s degree. Contact the Office for Student Success (LH‑259[email protected]) with questions about other courses.

The following courses will meet this U.S. Constitution requirement (this is not an exhaustive list):
School Approved U.S. Constitution Courses
SDSU AFRAS 170A, HIST 109, HIST 413, CCS 120A, CCS 141A, POLS 102, POLS 305, POLS 320, WMNST 341A
Grossmont/Cuyamaca HIST 106, HIST 114, HIST 118, HIST 180, POLSCI 121
San Diego Community Colleges (City,  Mesa, Miramar) BLAS 140A, CHIC 141A, HIST 109, HIST 115A, POLI 102
Southwestern College AFRO 110, HIST 100, HIST 110, HIST 121, MAS 141, PS 102
Contact the Office for Student Success (LH-259, [email protected]) for more information about online testing options.

4. CPR Training

Before completion of the credential program, all candidates must have proof on file of current training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) that covers infant, child, and adult CPR skills. Training must meet the standards of the American Heart Association (AHA) or the American Red Cross (ARC). Candidates must submit a scan of their CPR card (both sides) issued by the training agency.

Please contact the following organizations for information on CPR training:

5. Health Education Course:

Special Education credential candidates only are required to have completed a Health Education course with a C or better in the past 5 years. At SDSU this course is TE 280 and has been previously known as HHS280 and TE 296. Check with your advisor to see if you have met this requirement with another course.