How to Apply to a Graduate Program

We are happy that you're considering applying to a graduate program in the College of Education. Please review SDSU Graduate Admission Criteria before you proceed.

Most Graduate programs require 2 applications-- one to the University (Cal State Apply--step 1 below) and one to the program (Program application--step 5 below)

Use these steps to make sure you complete the application process for our programs:.

Complete Required Steps to Admission

All applicants are required to submit the Cal State Apply application to be considered for Graduate Admission to SDSU.

You may complete the Cal State Apply Application on the SDSU Admissions/ Graduate Admissions/ Graduate Admission Criteria page (see "Graduate steps to apply"). Then submit your Program Application by following the directions below (complete step 5).

Getting help

Note: This is our first year using the Cal State Apply application. It is replacing the CSU Mentor application. We have worked hard to make this application straightforward and user friendly, but if you have any questions please contact your program coordinator or email [email protected]

The SDSU WebPortal serves admission, enrollment, and registration needs across campus.

Students: Use WebPortal for admission status check, class schedule and registration, transcripts, official contact information.


Find instructions on how to submit your official transcripts along with your application.

To check the status of your transcripts,  see SDSU WebPortal.

GRE Requirement Suspended for Spring and Fall 2021

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, SDSU has suspended the requirement that applicants for graduate study submit GRE scores for the Spring and Fall 2021 admissions cycle. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact the program advisor.

Find instructions on how to submit your official test scores along with your application.

To check the status of your test scores,  see SDSU WebPortal.

Complete Step 5 via College of Education Program Admissions

Complete step 5 by finding your program, directly below, and following the links to complete your program application and provide requested documents.

Submit Program Application and Required Documents

Important: Each Program application is program specific. Be sure to navigate to the correct program admission page PRIOR to starting a program application. After you begin, you will not be able to change the program to which you are applying, but will instead need to start a new application.

To find your Program application, navigate to the program to which you are applying below and the required application links will be provided on the program admission page along with information about required documents:

Doctoral & educational specialist degree programs

Master's programs

Administration, Rehabilitation, and Postsecondary Education
Child and Family Development
Counseling and School Psychology
Dual Language and English Learner Education
Educational Leadership
Special Education
School of Teacher Education